Reality TV Island Guide

As one of my favorite islands ever I start my first with this island. You enter into a small town that has gone celebrity crazy.  Now on your left is Mike’s Market.  Run inside and again to the left and you’ll find  man reading a magazine.  Talk to him, he’ll drop the magazine and run off to watch Reality TV.  Pick up the magazine, open it, and read it to find the application.  Exit Mike’s Market and run to the hotel on your left.  Go inside pick up a pen and fill out what you can on the application. Go to the phone and dial 555-7383.  You’ll be given 3 choses of what to say, pick motel room 4b.   Talk the pizza lady outside the motel, and when she say’s she forgets who to take pizza to, you say you’ll do it for her.  Now run to motel room 4b, knock, and say pizza’s here.  Bucky Lucas will let you in.  Now go to his bedroom and talk to him, and click the third speaking option.  He’ll give you a stamp.  Place the stamp on the application, leave the motel and go right until the TV store and enter the TV store.  Click on one of the TVs until it shows you where you should mail your application and it will automatically be written in your application.  Put the application in the mail box near the TV store and your on the show.  I don’t know any tips or tricks for the games, but you can see that stuff on the PHB guide. -Smart Flame


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