Top 10 of the Posts I Regret Posting

There are many posts to this day I regret posting.  Here are the top ten I most regret! Shout-out to Sporty Boa’s blog because I’m totally stealing Random Guy’s idea (with permission) where he did his 5 favorite and least favorite.  I’m doing my 10 least favorite, because there are many.  There will be a sequel for 10 favorite posts coming out on no specific date, along with the first part of my new fanfic, no specific date either, sometime soon though.

10. FanFic 1 Is Here! – This post was just bad idea’s and bad writing meshed together, one could argue all my posts are, but this was bad.  So obviously there was a fancfiction in here. It was horribly written, rushed, and it only got one more continuation.  I had a shout-out to Lucky Wing that horribly transitioned into a theory.  Overall it gets a 3/10.  At least I tried to give a decent post that had two things in it.  To make mattes worse, I already used this theory!

9. I have no title – This post is short, but it is still rough.  It is me basically forcing you guys to come up with a new series because I was so unable and so creatively drained I couldn’t even do a mini-story.

8. Sorry – Lame name, lame post.  At least I know how to match!  Another post where I say sorry, but do nothing about it.  If I haven’t posted, I should at least give you something to read!  There’s not much else to say because it was so short, but it was just bad.

7. #MyPopsona and Some News! – My actual popsona was not bad, so that’s not why it made it on this least.  For one, I’m asking yet again for you to tell what to do.  Also this is where I announced that Orange Shell was leaving our staff.  She helped me so much in the beginning, and it was sad to see her leave.

6. Set Sail To See The New Ad! – For about 6 months when I was blogging, I thought I had to be very serious.  It was so short, and the pictures took over everything.  Just not some of my best work at all.

5.  Ned Noodlehead=Spy Agent?!!! – This was easily the shortest theory I’ve ever written and it was just bland.  It wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t detailed, it was just too short to enjoy and really was a horrible post.

4. IOTM’s and Reviews – This wasn’t horrible, but the reviews were bad and rushed.  The main reason this post made it on our list, was because a meme I made that I posted there.  If you have seen it I’m sorry, and if you find the post and see it, I’m also sorry.

3. A Story! – This is a golden example of times I never carried through with a plan.  I had this big plan to make a story called Poptropi-tunnels, but it never went through and the post became irrevelant and useless.

2. Reality TV Island Guide – This was the epitome of my lameness.  I tried to make myself seem smart, and well worded, I’m obviously not.  There were no pictures in the guide at all.  The entire opening, guide, and ending were in the same paragraph.  It was bad, really bad.

1.  do the miranda – This was horribly, rushed, and cringy.  It shows my weird obsessions of the time the would make one question my humanity.  I’m sorry I put you through that torture.

In all do honesty, reading through all my posts made me realize most aren’t bad, and they brought back a lot of great memories.  Unfortunately, I clicked publish for these ten posts.  I hope none of you remember these rough posts, and enjoy some of the better content I’ve produced.  Bye! ~Smart Flame


Theory + Announcement!

Hey guys! It’s Smart Flame!  Today I have theory for you.  What if we weren’t truly time traveling in Time Tangled Island?

Well, let’s get into the plot first.  So, Time Tangled Island, begins in an average city.  A scientist who has developed time traveling is crying outside her lab.  Basically you help her repair history to repair the future.  When you time travel to these historical sites, obviously there’s no machinery, or at least no time travel device.  At first I though you would land where the device was in present time in the past, but I have come up with something more believable.  I think your mind, or conscious would travel to that place.  The likelihood you’d land where the time machine was is even less likely than landing in the place you want to.  I just think that your mind goes there, and you have influence on the characters.  What do you think?  Tell me in the comments below!

Now for the announcement.  I will be writing a FanFiction called, Through the World.  It’s about Blue Sky as he travels through the world in the mid-1800’s.  He’s on the verge of making the most successful and useful business.  From the future, a man regularly visits him.  At first he seems kind, until we realize he wants to end the business deal.  Stay tuned for more posts, Bye! ~Smart Flame


Where Have I Been? + Year In Review!

Hey Guys, It’s me, Smart Flame.  You may be like, “Woah, were have you been?”  Disney World!  My parents surprised our family with a Disney trip!  So I haven’t been able to post, and though I’ve been online sometimes, I had other issues I had to deal with.  My New Years Resolution, though, is to begin posting more.

Now it’s time for review.  So, I’ve made it a little over a year and 2 months in blogging, keeping the site fairly active, my lowest monthly rate, 1 post a month (That’s really bad).  One of the most major things was our nomination for best fan-fiction!  Endangered was really fun to write, and I felt so blessed to have worked on it and for it to be a nomination!  I want to shout-out Sporty Boa, because Endangered was all because of him, it was his idea and in no way do I take create for the creativity he gave me to work with.  Another huge event was obviously Poptropica Worlds!  It is very interesting, but I’m excited to see what the creators have in mind for 2018!  In blogging news, we’ve seen some wins and loses.  A few loses include Lilly and Mia’s blog (Though a win would be there best blog win!) leaving, and the loss of Slippery Raptor Perfect, and UiPE. We have also seen some wins including the addition of Purple Claw and Silver Wolf, and a new addition to come in the new year!  Personally, I think we saw a growth in our blogs, and certainly some very creative content (except for this blog).  We saw the long-awaited release of Crisis Caverns!  One very sad thing is that is 2020 we will be saying goodbye to old pop because I don’t know how to explain, but I know it’s happening 😦 .

That’s all of the major things that happened in 2017, but there are so many smaller things that happened too.  I hope you enjoyed this post, Bye! ~Smart Flame



The Popmas Story!

Hey guys it’s me Smart Flame, and today I’m here with the next installment of the story! Unfortunately my internet crashed, so the days I missed will come out tomorrow.

I sat at the dinner table shoving mac & cheese in my face.  It was amazing.  My mother wasn’t there, and my fathers face was downcast in sorrow.  When we finished, he told us there was somewhere he wanted to take me and my brother. We climbed in the car and sped off.  The ride was silent in anticipation as me and my brother were expecting a huge surprise.  The big city outline became visible as we approached rapidly.  My father began pulling into a hospital.  “Are we going to a hospital? Why?”  Why were we going t a hospital, I mean there as no point.  My parents probably wanted to show us how some people don’t get Christmas or something like that.  He began to shield his face from us.  I heard some sniffling, but it was cold season, so I blew it off as a simple clearing of the nose.  He parked, walked out, and the beckoned us out too.  The hospital rose above awaiting our entrance to it.

I hope you enjoyed this, stay tuned for the posts tomorrow, bye!


Day 5 Of 25 Days Of Popmas!

You may or may have not seen that a post did not come out yesterday.  The truth was I didn’t have enough , and I’m sorry.  But today I will be getting both today’s post out. Yesterdays post will be coming with tomorrows post. Confusing, I know, but life.

I worked on my homework at the table, trying finish as fast as I could.  My mother grabbed her keys and began to leave, when I asked, “Where are you going, Mom?”  “To the store.”  She rushed out, and drove away.  That was the third time this week she had “gone to the store” and it was only Tuesday.  She came back after an hour, only holing one bag with one package of gum in it.  “Why did it take so long?”  “Traffic” She replied as she walked over to give me a hug. She had a hood on again, which never happened except this week.  I pulled it off as she hugged me, to reveal a thinning gray hair.  I chuckled. “Old age isn’t something to be embarrassed about Mom!”   She smiled weakly, and walked away sliding into the hood.  “Someones bitter” I though to myself.  I continued my homework admiring the tree.  Who knew what life would bring next.

Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned, tomorrow will bring yesterdays and tomorrows post! Bye! ~Smart Flame


Christmas Story Part 2

Hey guys, it’s me, Smart Flame! Today I am coming with the second part of this Christmas/Poptropica story!  I haven’t gotten a name yet, but I’ll try!

I stepped backed, admiring the decorated house.  A stray paper was on the ground, and I picked it up.  It was a hospital report.  I scanned over it, seeing something that read cancer.  I checked the name and i wasn’t anyone I knew so I tossed it on the ground.  I went through that week, waiting for winter break.  It passed quickly, and it was time to make Christmas cookies.  I was ready to bake as many as the oven could hold.  Me and my mother began making dough for many different treats.  The cookies were all baking when she combed her hair back with her hand.  She looked at it, eyes wide, and ran to the bathroom.  I heard large sobs before she came back, trying to act fine.  I wanted to ask her a question, but didn’t know how.  We finished the cookies and decorating with the event clouding my thoughts.  What had troubled her so much?  I went to bed that night, barely able to sleep due to my thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this Part, and if you have a suggestion for a name please leave it in the comments below, bye! ~Smart Flame


Top 5 Poptropicans Who Could Be Santa

Ah, Santa Claus.  A jolly old man in red robes with a large belly.  But wait, do Poptropicans have a Santa Claus?  Here are the top 5 poptropicans that could be Santa.

1.Willy Wonka
He’s a weird dude no doubt, but could he be Santa Claus?  He matches the part in some aspects, he’s old, and he makes things kids like.  But could he really be Santa Claus?  Well he does have Oompa Loompa’s which resemble elves.  They’re small human-like creatures who work for an old man to create things kids like.  That is probably our greatest similarity.  Otherwise, they’re both old, secluded in a workshop/factory, and create things kids, and all people, enjoy.  I’d give this a rating of likeliness of 3 out of 5 trees.

2. Science dude from Mocktropica Island
Remember the guy who gives you cake in Mocktropica?  Well what if he was Santa!  We have the similarity of oldness, and he’s giving kids yet again what they, which in that case is cake.  Though physical similarities aren’t really there, he gives kid what they want.  They wanted cake and they got cake.  Also the basement workers could be elves, just put in much worse conditions. I would give this another 3 out 5 trees.

3. The lost dude on Shark Tooth Island
This man could be Santa.  First he’s on land the no one lives on.  Santa lives on the North Pole, which no one lives on.  They’re both old.  And we all know you played for that shiny medallion, and who gives it to you?  The old man who was lost!  He also has a huge white beard.  Maybe Santa accidentaly crashed into an island.  I’d give this another 3 out of 5 trees, no strong evidence, but it is possible.

4. Dr. Hare
Basically, this is just because I think he could be Santa. The only evidence is he has a secret workplace, and travels in means many don’t, by rockets.  He’s honestly more likely to be the Easter Bunny.  It’s 1 out 5 trees for likeliness, but 5 out of 5 trees for I want it.

5. You!
Your poptropican may not be old, or wear robes of red, but it’s possible.  Think, you travel in a way many don’t, by blimp, and Santa does by sleigh.  You go to many places in a fairly short amount of time.  Also you give people what they want.  From giving them they’re son, to small things like a ticket, or a bucket, or a pig.  This is the most likely, and I’d give a 4.5 trees out of 5 trees.

I hope you enjoyed this post, bye! ~Smart Flame