Reality TV original sketches and concepts!

Hi guys! First I want to say how bad of a blogger I am.  I never post, and the times I do, they are pretty lame so sorry, I’ll try to be more consistent or more interesting.  Also, I’m wondering if there’s anything you’d like to see in this blog (i.e. change blog font, design, look, different types of posts, more activeness, new series’s , etc.)  Please be descriptive of what you want, so I’ll know what to do.  Now back to the post!  Earlier today, the creators posted a post releasing early concepts and sketches for the IOTM, Reality TV island.  Some of the pictures include…..

I assume this shows early designs for the island (first-half) and also an early version of On the Line, just with a more primitive style (second-half).

This picture leads me to believe that before challenges, we were originally going to have races, that included obstacles (first two bars).  The bottom part I think includes a early design of the Poptopica map.


These are two more pictures they posted.



These include some of the character they’d chosen to be pick to compete against you.  Check and see who made it, and who didnt’!
These are come more sophistacated drawings, that seemed to have been scraped.

That ends this post, so see you soon,  ~Smart Flame



So Sorry!

Hi guys! I’ve had a really hectic week so I haven’t been able to post for awhile!  I know it seems like Poptropi-Tunnels has been forgotten, but it hasn’t! I’m also working on a Poptropica Anthem using note flight ( https://www.noteflight.com ).  So be sure to create an account to listen to it once it’s completed!  Back to Poptropi-Tunnels, it’ll be out soon, I promise!  Also, if you have not already, be sure to join the seasons academy role play on discord! (DM me to get an invite on discord).  Also, don’t forget, turn in your artwork by the 28th, and come to the party on the 26th! Also more Pop Worlds pictures have been released, which are causing some commotion after some players don’t like the design or think it’s too generic.  That’s all the news for today! ~Smart Flame


Behind the Scenes of… Pelican Rock!

Hi guys, Friendly Foot here! Whew it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted, so sorry about that. Anyways, as you’ve probably guessed by the title, we’re getting some behind the scenes looks of Pelican Rocks Island!

First of all, Skinny Moon gives us a reminder that Pelican Rock is one of the IOTM’s so go play it for those extra credits! Now, for the main part of this blog post… We are shown an image of the initial planning of Pelican Rock Island, or should I say, Prison Break Island…

Whoa! Seems confusing.. If only we got the whole picture!

Well I guess we do get more… This is the final part of Pelican Rock.

We also get a GIF of how an animator thought the search light should look like.


Well, that’s it for me… See you later Poptropicans!


-Friendly Foot


20 FOLLOWERS?!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!


OMG OMG OMG!!!!! This is so surreal right now.  I mean it’s like the perfect time, too!  Literally right before my birthday! It’s coming up in the next few days!  Everyone has been so awesome, and I couldn’t do it without any of you guys!  So I’ve planned a party!  The party will be held on Sunday February 26th, 2017 at 9:30 PM EST, 6:30 PT, 7:30 MT, 8:30 CT.  Thank you so, so, so much! Be sure to make the party! ~Smart Flame


A Fun Thing To Do

Hi guys, it’s  Smart Flame!  Ever noticed that feeling of Ugh.  I’ve completed every island, and there’s no one in the common room!  Well today I will create a list of some awesome things you can do!  This is based of off PC’s very own version of this on his blog.

  1. Complete the Iotm’s
  2. Complete every island 2 times
  3. Create the craziest, wackiest costume ever
  4. Create the craziest photo ever
  5. Chat on Discord
  6. Create a blog
  7. Join a blog
  8. Write a story about Poptropica
  9. Build an amazing Realm
  10. Mess around with glitches
  11. Fly your jet pack around Early Poptropica
  12. Push the flower vases off the windowsill in Early Poptropica
  13. Play around with ad transporter
  14. play around with custom name genie
  15. Play around with ASG
  16. Read blogs
  17. Buy stuff from the store with credits
  18. Buy Pop Merchandise
  19. Hop around Home Island
  20. Spin the wheel
  21. Play in the common room
  22. Create a multiverse
  23. Make a guest post for the PHB
  24. Play around with store items

Well, that’s all for now, but I’ll be sure to update it when needed!  Please tell us what you’d do in this situation, and that’s all for now. ~Smart Flame


#PoptropicaLove Winners!

After several Valentines Day themed entries, the creators have now picked the lucky winners of a one-month membership.  Now, this was a random entry so don’t be too sad if yours doesn’t make the cut.  Although my glory wasn’t recognized as a winner, several who won created fun interesting and absolutely amazing creations!  So without further ado, here are the winners!

Here is the entry by  AClaire  C. using Facebook!


Here is the entry by  @Toxic_Lexia819 using Twitter!


Here is the entry made by @Dane07074 using Twitter!


Here is the entry made by @plays_koalas using Twitter!


Here is the entry made by @queen_bree_marie_carlin using Instagram!


So those are all the winners, and congratulations to them!  Everyone’s was truly magnificent! That’s all for this post, so goodbye! ~Smart Flame


Poptropica Shorts Ep. 1

Poptropica Shorts Episode 1: Reality TV Surprise

Sneak Peak


“I would like a cherry smoothie please, with a cherry on top.” “Alright I’ll have you’re orders right up.” The waiter said as he picked up the remaining Ordering books. Fierce Flyer and his companions were at the Zomberry Smoothie Shack sharing their daily Pop life and basically what was going on in their home Island. “Just the other day I was framed and put in a jail cell named Pelican Rock.” Trusty Bear said. “That sounds terrible! Did you clear your name?” Lucky Wing asked. “Yeah, I escaped and cleared my name. I also helped catch that booted bandit! Also I got extra credits.” Trusty Bear responded as he laid back in his chair. “Sounds Interesting, I guess,” Silver Raptor pipped in, “You know what is interesting though? Being on a reality TV show!” Silver Raptor finished as he stared at the TV near the entrance. “I’m pretty sure all of us already been on a reality TV show before.” Everyone agreed quietly to Cuddly Knuckle’s response as they murmured the words, “yeah” and “pretty much”. “Well I haven’t. And I’m going to enter and win!” “No you aren’t.” Silver Raptor was interrupted by a nearby voice on the other table. “Says who?” Silver Raptor challenged as he whipped his head towards the bystander. “Ned, Ned Noodlehead.”

Hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak of the upcoming Poptropica Shorts! That’s right, I did not forget, just been caught up a bit. Alright I’ll see you guys next time on TPC Fierce out!

-Fierce Flyer