Island Mashup: Zombarnival

Hey guys! Friendly Foot here. I posted this yesterday, but it seems that no one could

Today I’d like to show to you Island Mashups, which is basically me mashing two different islands together! As you can see from the title of the post, today’s two islands are Zomberry and Monster Carnival. Yup, two creepy islands! So, what do we get when we put these two islands together? Well, what I would think is this: You are stranded on a deserted (or thought to be) island. The only person with you is Edgar, a boy who has run away to find the carnival. He thought the carnival would be here, but he can’t find it! You have to find where the carnival is by using clues, but on the way, you and Edgar realize the carnival isn’t what it was thought to be. People are turned into blueberry monsters! Now I’ll leave that there for you to imagine what’ll happen next!

I hope you liked this! Tell me in the comment section which two islands you want to appear next! See ya! 👋


One Month Anniversary!

We are celebrating the month anniversary!  In honor of such a special event, we have planned for you  a celebrity interview!  Here is my interview with Slanted Fish!

Smart Flame:

Smart Flame: First, When was Slanted Fish created?
Slanted Fish: 1. My first Poptropica account was created in the summer of 2008, and it was a boy named Scary Tomato. I adopted the name Slanted Fish in 2012 as it held a more personal meaning to me, which you can read about in my MPIP (https://poptropicahelp.net/2015/12/19/mpip-slantedfish/). My slantedfish account was created at that time as well
Smart Flame: How did you find Poptropica?
Slanted Fish: 2. I was introduced to Poptropica through my brother, who had found it on Funbrain, a site that we both liked to play on back in the day.
Smart Flame: What is your favorite island?
Slanted Fish: 3. My favorite islands are Counterfeit, Shark Tooth, and Arabian Nights – it’s hard to pick just one!
Smart Flame: When did the PHB become so popular?
Slanted Fish: 4. The PHB took off in popularity shortly after it began, especially once the 6th island, Spy Island, was announced – and has been bubbling with activity since
Smart Flame: What is your favorite villain?
Slanted Fish: 5. Captain Crawfish is pretty delicious.
Smart Flame: What is your favorite character? (Like Ned Noodlehead, Sarah Snooty)
Slanted Fish: 6. Poptropica is full of great characters – some of my favorites are Dr. Hare, Sprocket, and Scheherazade.
Smart Flame: How long do you think it will be till New Poptropica comes out?
Slanted Fish: 7. I’m hoping Poptropica will stick with their word that New Pop comes out “later this year”, but if not, then hopefully within a month or two of the new year
Smart Flame: What is your favorite store card?
Slanted Fish: 8. I quite like the Classic Followers pack – especially the bubble and butterfly.
Smart Flame: What are some of your hobbies?
 Slanted Fish: 9. My hobbies include writing/blogging, drawing, sleeping, and eating.
Smart Flame: What is your favorite color, and what is your favorite food, and what is your favorite book?
Slanted Fish 10. My favorite colors are green and purple. Favorite foods include a wide variety of dim sum, donuts, Japanese ramen, and more. I’ve also enjoyed lots of books but one recommendation would be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.
Smart Flame: Anything else you’d like to say?
Slanted Fish: Thanks for interviewing me, and don’t forget to be awesome! Stay popping, Poptropicans. 🙂

Read Between The Lines: Target Age Group

Confusing title, but we are starting a new segment called Read Between The Lines.  It is where we decipher the secret messages Poptropica is giving us.  What better way to start us off then about Poptropica itself.  I think Poptropica is starting to aim their age group to 10-18 years old.  If you look at newer islands (beside Monkey Wrench island) the plot lines are more developed and there are more grown up ideas.  Look at EFPR, you are trapped in jail, or Survival island where you are being hunted by a cannibalist! Or Virus Hunter, where you have to save someone from an extremely deadly disease.  Newer islands are more real life, whereas Super Power island, and Spy island deal with more fantasy ideas with superpowers and B.A.L.D.  I also think that the worm symbolises something. Yes we are talking about the worm.  The worm shows us more detail than Poptropica typically gives us.  Also with the rats, you can tell they are definetly stepping up their animation.  I feel like older kids play better animated and detailed games, and these art concepts may just be the one answer to this question.  Will New Poptropica be targeted to older age groups?  I think the answer is yes because the thicker, detailed plot lines and the detail and better animated drawings just are better for older kids, and for Poptropica this is the right move. Although new, young kids are joining every day, some of the most influential bloggers, youtubers, and community members are getting older.  Think of Slanted Fish she is nearly 20 years old!  And Think Noodles is 39!  So some of the more influential people would definetely stay longer if it was a more developed game.  Those Influential people inspire all of us to be apart of the community and start new blogs, or youtube channels.  So, when new blogs and youtube stations dedicated to Poptropica come out the community grows bigger, more people play more often and want their friends to play with them.  Which grows the amount of people playing Poptropica, and a chain reaction would occur more often.  So even a simple change in plot developments can grow Poptropica.  I think New Poptropica will have more real-life islands and better animation, which will eventually help grow the community!  Tell me what you think of this and do you agree with me or disagree with me? -Smart Flame


an AWESOME new thing !

‘Ello guys I’m here to share some awesome glitching material done by idk! It’s a very special type of asg (that is also customizable) ! The special thing about these costumes is that you literally wear an item card! When you click use or whatever button it says , you can actually use the item you are wearing!  A few examples of these special asg’s are idk_chameleon_ASG
idk_realityMonkey_ASG  . Plus, the oddball of the group idk_customField_ASG .  Some of my favorites are in my closet  , including wearing the whole poptropica store! Cool , right? That’s all for today , Ciao!


Expectations And Hopes For New Poptropica

Because New Poptropica is such a big switch, I definetly have some expectations.  I’ve heard it will be on a new website.  This is OK, but I hope all of the original islands are carried over to the new website.  Also, I hope the animation stays similar or at least keep the poptropicans animation the same, because without that, it wouldn’t be Poptropica.  Also I would like multiplayer islands, and more common room abilities.  One thing I’m not so happy about is Unity.  Unity is the thing that Poptropica will be using to create Poptropica in New Poptropica.  The reason it is not good is because it doesn’t secure accounts on google chrome, this means your poptropican account would be easier to hack, but it is still accessible through chrome.  I would love to have No glitches, because the glitdhes ruin the poptropican expirence.  I’d love more interactive islands. I’d love all the islands to have interactive plot lines, so we have more of the Poptropica expirence in every island.  I would love to be able to solve islands with other people because I would want help, and it would be more fun than solving it alone.  If you disagree with me, please tell me, and tell me why you disagreed with me.  Also if you have new info or more information please leave that in the comments.  The more we know about New Poptropica the better prepared we’ll be when it launches.  -Smart Flame


Poptropica Stories!

Our story takes place in Eastern Europe, in a place known as Vaireaux (Varoh), with our characters Shady Ant, and Icy Water.  Icy Water is the King and Queens daughter, and Shady Ant is a newsboy.

Just two more houses till I’ve finished my daily route, and without running into Princess Cartier!  Shady Ant thought.  “Shady Ant, where are you, where’s my paper?”  I’m almost done, can I just finish today without her judgmental talking?!  Shady Ant jumped into Happy Jumpers bushes.  “Get out of those bushes, you are already disgusting enough!  We need to clean you up!  Come on, lets head to Cartier Lake!”  “Isn’t that past Voyage Canyon?!” But it was to late, Icy Water dragged him to the edge of the canyon.  Shady Ant’s foot slipped. He caught on the edge of the 984 foot canyon wall.  “Help, I’m Slipping!”  “I’ll get help!”  But by the Shady Ant was hanging on by 3 fingers.

That is the end of Poptropica Stories Part 1, stay tuned for next week!


The Blog Prob

Hey guys and girls, it’s your girl Red and welcome to my first official post (I guess) ok so today I’m talking about inspiration. So if you read our blog, you probably also read the rest of the community. For example Tall Cactus’ blog. So recently, TC made a post about how poptropica won’t give us (da bloggerz) anything to write about. If you wanna see her post- https://tallcactuspoptropicablog.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/a-bloggers-lament/ and I completely agree with her. Pop hasn’t given us any inspiration. No new islands, no new things. All they gave us WAS A WORM!!!!! Sorry, had to let my anger out. Plus, nobody even talks about the worm anymore anyway so yeah. In other news, DT is out new president. Exuse me, can someone go toilet paper the White House please? Nobody will notice. Ok guys, hope you enjoyed this post so yea, have a random pic, bye guys. 

Special thanks to short feather for making the meme faces for life poster.!