Hoi, my very shelly, awesome followers (although if you follow me to every blog I work on, you’re pretty insane). But, you all should know me from numerous blogs, and hopefully, you haven’t become one of my insane fans. Anyways, I LOVE Poptropica, and I have been playing since 2nd grade, 2012. I actually didn’t discover Pop from Funbrain, like some of yall, and I have played on and off since, with numerous accounts, this being the only I remember.

I joined the Community This May, but my crazy, insane followers out there know I recently went back on Discord a few weeks ago, a story I shouldn’t get into, but I love all of my crazy followers. Each and every one. But you should know a few things about me first.

First, I go around flirting with the bots at Discord…. Wait, about my life?? Then forget that. First, I like to blog and hang out on Pop with my free time. Well, when I am not freaking out over books, or talking a 1-hour chat about books… Yeah, I like books. Especially Adventure/ Fiction books. Ask me about almost any book, and I can probably spoil it for you. Oh, okay. Moving on.

As much as you may think I am a nerd (which I don’t object to) I like some un nerdy things too. I’m a huge Tennessee Vols fan. Yeah, I don’t think the Vols are terrible, just that too many people are hurt. Don’t get me started on how we lost last night.

Welp,  I’d love to stay and chat, but I gotta get ready for a Colton Dixon concert later today. And stay tuned for my new SSW premièring on PTFP Wednesday!

-Seashell out!😎


Smart Flame’s Backround and Art Contest

Hi Poptropicans!  I wasn’t going to post today until I realized that you don’t know how I started.  I started playing Poptropica in 2010.  I joined the community on October 25, 2016.  I made this blog blog Thursday October 27 2016.  My username is LMSEC.  Also We’re having an art contest!  Whoever wins will make a guest post on our blog will have their art posted here for 3 weeks!


Friendly Foot’s First Post!

Hi poptropicans! I am Friendly Foot, and I’ll be your newest author here! I can’t wait to get started. Here’s a bit about my Poptropica background…I started to “play” it around 2008, although I was very young then, and my sister mostly did all the islands for me (I just changed the outfit). I found the poptropica community last year, and I love it! If you want to friend me on Poptropica, my username is rainbow2426. See you!


My First Post, Short Feather

Hello, I’m Short Feather, and I’m the new author on this blog!  So let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I LOVE Poptropica and I own my own blog called https://shortfetherspopup.wordpress.com/ .  I am active on the PHC and I am in the community.  My favorite island is Astro-Knights island.  What I like best about Poptropica is your ability to have friends.  See you guys in future posts.  -Short Feather



Is Crisis Caverns Back On?

The cancelled island, Crisis Caverns, was originally cancelled, but is it back on?  Most evidence is stated in the sneak peeks page.  Although it might just be showing new designs, Poptropican creators showed us 2 rats which could be new rat designs made especially for this island.  Also it shows us a detailed worm which has the color pallet and texture/pattern of the earth and dirt or rock, possibly from Crisis Caverns.  Although there is the possibility that they’re remaking 24 Carrot Island, which was made on the PHB, gave evidence to disprove my theory.  What do you think, are they remaking a classic, or remaking an abandoned island?  Leave answers in the comments below!



Reality TV Island Guide

As one of my favorite islands ever I start my first with this island. You enter into a small town that has gone celebrity crazy.  Now on your left is Mike’s Market.  Run inside and again to the left and you’ll find  man reading a magazine.  Talk to him, he’ll drop the magazine and run off to watch Reality TV.  Pick up the magazine, open it, and read it to find the application.  Exit Mike’s Market and run to the hotel on your left.  Go inside pick up a pen and fill out what you can on the application. Go to the phone and dial 555-7383.  You’ll be given 3 choses of what to say, pick motel room 4b.   Talk the pizza lady outside the motel, and when she say’s she forgets who to take pizza to, you say you’ll do it for her.  Now run to motel room 4b, knock, and say pizza’s here.  Bucky Lucas will let you in.  Now go to his bedroom and talk to him, and click the third speaking option.  He’ll give you a stamp.  Place the stamp on the application, leave the motel and go right until the TV store and enter the TV store.  Click on one of the TVs until it shows you where you should mail your application and it will automatically be written in your application.  Put the application in the mail box near the TV store and your on the show.  I don’t know any tips or tricks for the games, but you can see that stuff on the PHB guide. -Smart Flame