Pop’s End: Part 3 + A New Creator’s Post!

Hey guys, it’s me, Smart Flame!  First off a new Poptropica Creator’s blog post came out: a costume of the week (It was a hippie).  It was made by CC again…  What could that mean? Well, here’s the next installment, enjoy!

My heart pounded in my chest like thunder in the sky.   No one spoke, as the waves settled into the regular pattern.  Students clung to the back of the classroom waiting for the trauma to be over.  Our professor stood forward first, announcing, “Stay calm, and follow me.”  She walked out of the classroom taking us in the direction of the emergency shelter. As we entered, hundreds of scared sat on the ground huddled closely.  I found a corner and sat in it, waiting.

After of hours of waiting, we were finally cleared to leave.  I went to my dorm, followed closely by my room mate. She quickened her steps and came right behind me.  “What should we do, Purple Sky?”  “Get inside, I guess Orange Crab.”  Our dorm was as empty as usual.  Orange Crab sat on her bed, and noticed something peculiar. “Hey, look at this.”  I looked up to where our lamp was.  In it’s place were pixels that randomly flashed pictures of the lamp.  She went to touch, and a spark of lightning flashed. “Ow!” She threw back her arm.  She examined her hands as her face went white.  On her hand were pixels that had spread from the lamp.  At that moment the lamp disappeared if fiery burst.  The pixels ran up her arm, as she screamed.  I backed to door, screaming myself.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoy this post, Bye! ~Smart Flame


Poptropica’s End: The Story Part 2

Hey guys, It’s me, Smart flame!  Catchy title, isn’t it?  BTW if when I’m typing here one or two words seem weird, I’m listening to music so I might get a little confused.  It’s literally the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. Well, here’s the story!

A year had passed since my father’s death.  All had settled and search for the new island had ceased. My college classes on Counterfeit Island were as boring as usual.  The medical school was situated on the water providing a stunning view of many islands. Then the Earth began to shake.  Light at first, it turned to a throttle that through 8 feet waves onto the shores, and sent desks to the floor, sometimes students with them.  We all thought it was just an earthquake; strong at that.  To our surprise, shock, and dismay, Home Island began unleash the bond of ground that held it the sea floor.  One by one explosions of thick-packed dirt supports painted the outside sea like a swamp’s own water.  It began to flow up into the sky, sending tsunami-like waves crashing into our windows, smashing the glass into pieces similar to size of the slat held in its watery hold.  It rose higher and higher severing all connection to the soil once it’s bond the rest of the land.  Civilians suddenly began falling from the island crashing into the ocean, as they tried to stay afloat.  Within seconds boats sailed in hauling any Poptropicans in water.  Home Island disappeared in the cloudy sky.  The classroom was silent.  Were they right?

I hope you enjoyed this, the next installment should be out soon! Bye! ~Smart Flame


Creator’s Blog Back?

Recently Captain Crawfish posted top finishers for Escape From Pelican Rock. So many questions! The post was short, just a chart and a few lines of text.  There wasn’t much to pull from it, but still questions remain from the fact it’s been a while since EFPR’s release, and the author is CC. At first I thought it was a glitch re-post, but unless I was looking wrong no evidence of this post exists before now.

First off, Wasn’t Mitch Krpata CC?

Last I checked Mitch Krpata was CC, and he was recently let go.  This leads me to believe someone took his name and is not posting, but this is only the first one, so can we be sure? But who is this CC?  I mean all connection with the social media at Pop seems to have been cut-off, with the recent unfollowing, and the disappearance of Stephanie. This is the first “name and face” we can go off of, except someone already used this.  I really hope this is a push, however, to regain that connection with the fans, or at very least to continue posting.

Wasn’t EFPR like a year ago?

It seems a little weird about posting on a game that will be dead in 2020, especially for a small piece of information that doesn’t tell us what will happen to the game.  Maybe they just wanted to show the stats, but weird timing.  You’d think Pop would sever their connection with old Pop, but with the new march initiatives and post, it seems maybe like a last effort to get people to replay it.

What do you think?  I don’t know.  Well, that’s all, Bye! ~Smart Flame


Glitch Problems & New Pop Story!

Hey Guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!   First of I’ve been having glitch problems or something because I cannot play the new island.  So I can get on and stuff, but when I try to play an island, it always randomly freezes.  Other times it will just exit me out of the tab.  I don’ know what to do, it never loads!  So that’s annoying :(.

Now with OG Pop being destroyed in 2020, I’m gonna make a Pop Story of the struggle of Pop characters trying to survive the end of their world and see if they make it to Pop Worlds!  I like the idea a lot, and I’m on spring break so I hope I’ll be able to post a lot! Here is the first installment!

It all started with the exploration.  Hopes of a new island spread everywhere.  My dad, a famed explorer, set out with some of other fellow explorers to see if the rumors were true. He left in Spring and that was the last time I saw my father.  Theories rapidly spread about their voyage after they didn’t return for months.  I thought it was a shipwreck. Most people, for some reason believed this:  The island flew up from it’s connection to the ground and disappeared in the sky causing massive waves to capsize the boat.  At the time it seemed like a legend or a myth.  Several search parties and other expeditions set out for the now infamously known Crisis Caverns dubbed for the tragedy of the lost ship. None of them came back.  The news of my father’s almost certain death broke our family down to it’s very core.  He was the one who kept us together, and now he was gone.  Quickly everyone in my family slipped into a state of sadness I had never seen before.  Over the next year we came together again and resumed our lives.  All was well, until even more news shook the world to it’s core; a test that would show our strength and resiliance.

I hope you enjoyed that! I’m so excited to develop the story! Bye! ~Smart Flame


What is going on?

Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!  Recently The PHB (ever heard of them? lol) made a theory, or rather suggestion the Pop may be going through financial issues. The evidence the use to back this up is firing of 4 of Pop’s most experienced employees, some with over a decade of experience.  Well, today I’m here to debunk that theory, and explain another thing that may be going on in Pop HQ.

My theory is that the new team at Pop wants to start a new era, “clean house”, and reach out to other potential players by focusing less on the community.   Well the most solid evidence is the firing of 4 experienced workers.  I think (or hope) that those at Pop HQ realize that in financial trouble, it be the safest decision to stick with what worked.  This would be going back to what Pop was.  To do this, a new team would not be as good as those whom experienced this old Pop.  So firing those people would be the opposite of what would be right.  They’ve also put out great islands after great islands!  Therefore, financial trouble would most likely not be the issue.  If not, the what is?

I believe it is that Pop wants a new “era”, and see a way to get that by bringing new people.  It is in human nature too continue what works, and these old creators are more likely to do this, because they’ve seen it’s success.  New people, however, would be more open to change.  Because of their success, there’d be no reason to fire these employee’s other than for this, especially financial trouble.

I think the first change we’re seeing is a focus on newer, younger players.  I believe Pop may be trying to disassociate themselves with the community. Maybe they believe we make Pop seem like a game for older kids.  Maybe they think they need branch out a little bit more.  Back in the SUI era the social media accounts were so active.  At the front of this was Skinny Moon.  After she was gone, I believe we saw the first step to this new team.  Although Stephanie and CC tried to reach, CC is gone, and we don’t know where Stephanie went.  Skinny Moon was so active with the community, answering questions, and promoting blogs, like this one!  She really was great and gave us a view to the game, so many other communities don’t get to experience at the rate we did.  But when she was gone, it all stopped.  The community was very rarely mentioned at all.  I cannot speak for how much, if at all, the PHB got mentioned, but other blogs didn’t.  We no longer got that inside view.  In this recent mass unfollowing, Pop is just further distancing themselves from the community who’s stood with them through all.  In this time, where a game is most vulnerable, the creators are moving away from the thing that could save them: The Community.  Why they are, I don’t know.  My best guess would be to try and market to younger kids.  The islands have become less advanced than those in the SUI era on Old Pop.

That is all for this theory, tell me what you think!  Bye! ~Smart Flame


Where have I been?

Has it really been since February 10th?  I guess so….  If unlike me you haven’t been dead for one month, you might’ve noticed my absence.  Even before my leave on discord, this blog was seriously slow.  I could apologize, and I am sorry, but my life has gotten really busy.  School has become more demanding, I’ve taken up more extra-curriculur’s, and i got two freakin’ dogs.  I’m here to say, I want to post more, and I will try, but I’m not going to force myself to a regular schedule, because that’s when things start to fall back.  Rather, I will have my intention, but not be so hard on myself if I fail.  I know this post was short, boring, and like every other I’ve made, but it’s time for me to actually post more.  I am glad to be back, and am excited to see what the future holds! Bye! ~Smart Flame


Top 10 of the Posts I Regret Posting

There are many posts to this day I regret posting.  Here are the top ten I most regret! Shout-out to Sporty Boa’s blog because I’m totally stealing Random Guy’s idea (with permission) where he did his 5 favorite and least favorite.  I’m doing my 10 least favorite, because there are many.  There will be a sequel for 10 favorite posts coming out on no specific date, along with the first part of my new fanfic, no specific date either, sometime soon though.

10. FanFic 1 Is Here! – This post was just bad idea’s and bad writing meshed together, one could argue all my posts are, but this was bad.  So obviously there was a fancfiction in here. It was horribly written, rushed, and it only got one more continuation.  I had a shout-out to Lucky Wing that horribly transitioned into a theory.  Overall it gets a 3/10.  At least I tried to give a decent post that had two things in it.  To make mattes worse, I already used this theory!

9. I have no title – This post is short, but it is still rough.  It is me basically forcing you guys to come up with a new series because I was so unable and so creatively drained I couldn’t even do a mini-story.

8. Sorry – Lame name, lame post.  At least I know how to match!  Another post where I say sorry, but do nothing about it.  If I haven’t posted, I should at least give you something to read!  There’s not much else to say because it was so short, but it was just bad.

7. #MyPopsona and Some News! – My actual popsona was not bad, so that’s not why it made it on this least.  For one, I’m asking yet again for you to tell what to do.  Also this is where I announced that Orange Shell was leaving our staff.  She helped me so much in the beginning, and it was sad to see her leave.

6. Set Sail To See The New Ad! – For about 6 months when I was blogging, I thought I had to be very serious.  It was so short, and the pictures took over everything.  Just not some of my best work at all.

5.  Ned Noodlehead=Spy Agent?!!! – This was easily the shortest theory I’ve ever written and it was just bland.  It wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t detailed, it was just too short to enjoy and really was a horrible post.

4. IOTM’s and Reviews – This wasn’t horrible, but the reviews were bad and rushed.  The main reason this post made it on our list, was because a meme I made that I posted there.  If you have seen it I’m sorry, and if you find the post and see it, I’m also sorry.

3. A Story! – This is a golden example of times I never carried through with a plan.  I had this big plan to make a story called Poptropi-tunnels, but it never went through and the post became irrevelant and useless.

2. Reality TV Island Guide – This was the epitome of my lameness.  I tried to make myself seem smart, and well worded, I’m obviously not.  There were no pictures in the guide at all.  The entire opening, guide, and ending were in the same paragraph.  It was bad, really bad.

1.  do the miranda – This was horribly, rushed, and cringy.  It shows my weird obsessions of the time the would make one question my humanity.  I’m sorry I put you through that torture.

In all do honesty, reading through all my posts made me realize most aren’t bad, and they brought back a lot of great memories.  Unfortunately, I clicked publish for these ten posts.  I hope none of you remember these rough posts, and enjoy some of the better content I’ve produced.  Bye! ~Smart Flame