Read Between The Lines: Oliver and Jorge are Just Imagining

In the classic, and original novel series by Pop Creators, Oliver and Jorge find themselves whisked of to a magical land, known as Poptropica.  They faced adventures of bulls, mazes, crazy mayors, and much much more.  But I’ve started wondering, are their adventures a figment of their imaginations?  I believe Oliver and Jorge are only imagining their adventures, after being stuck together working on a project.  I believe this unlikely duo were probably playing Poptropica, or with other toys in their rooms.  I believe these two kids got bored of their work, and decided to have a little fun!  If this theory is true, I love to imagine how it so perfectly represents the feeling of creativity, adventure, fear, and excitement we get from playing the game!  The ability of freedom, and adventure Pop gives us drives the community to be more enthusiastic, and I hope this same style of adventure and freedom carries on to Pop Worlds, as it will bring new amazing players to the community, and will keep old community members active and excited to continue or create blogs, and Youtube channels!  Thanks for reading, and stay amazing! ~Smart Flame


Pop Worlds Sneak Peek!!!! And A Movie Theater!!!

OMG!  Today we have gotten a Pop Worlds Sneak Peek! Without further ado, here it is!

Poptropica Worlds sneak peek.jpg

This picture is very interesting, but I think I’ve found out what it is!  At first glance I believed it was the mansion of Myron Van Buren, but would he really keep live fish?  Some evidence this is the animal skin patterned furniture, or the shield he got from a “battle”.  But there’s also a basketball hoop, and I don’t think Myron is much of a Lebron James.  I think it is two options……. a design of a home, a feature that is coming in Pop Worlds, or a realms-like feature building.  Actually, I think it’s both.  You’re probably thing I’m crazy, but I think the home feature will be like realms, just less smaller blocks.  The different patterns and designs give it a personal meaning in their, as typical NPC’s or villains have a theme.  In the shadowed areas, if you hold it up to the light, on the first floor, we can see a map, table, doors, and a few other hazy objects (So many commas!  Takeover of the commas?! JK, XD!).  So my final guess would be an example of the house feature.  Now, a movie theater has been added to Home Island.  Perfect Sky did a very good post on possible films it could show.  I believe it will be used for mini films that they create, and before each film I believe ads will show like youtube.  Also I believe handheld items and costumes will be offered from it (i.e. Movie Star, popcorn, Movie Star Glasses, etc.)  Well that wraps up this post, thanks for reading, and stay Poptastic! ~Smart Flame


New Movie Theater Coming Soon!

Am I the only one seeing this!? so, my bro logged on to Poptropica and I happened to be sitting next to him only to see this: pop theater.png

a movie theater? Awesome! As you can see it seems as if Poptropica is working on an upcoming Movie Theater, what for? I have a few theories. One of which is being able to create scenes from I guess the Pictures taken on different islands? I’m not sure, but I’m excited for this, tell me what you guys think. Are you excited for the new Movie Theater? I am! Thank you for tuning in on a quick news update and I’ll see you guys next time, Fierce Flyer out!


Read Between The Lines: Why Spy Island Is The Most Important Island


Okay! Before you take me to a mental health institution, hear me out!  I can tell your probably saying Early Poptropica is, or Home Island, but I have proof!!!

In Game
By in game, I mean through Poptropica islands. I believe that Black Widow, and all her little guards are B.A.D. Agents.  I also believe that the spies hired you, and used you to take down villains throughout Poptropica, like in Super Villain Island.  I also believe our Poptropicans were hired after they saw us on Super Power Island, the previous island.  It seems crazy at first, but the puzzle pieces are connecting!

I would love this concept to be true, as it has lots of evidence, and it seems so right.  I think that you also got breaks, and could visit islands like Poptropolis, and Reality TV.  Overall, I love this theory!

Well, it’s the end of the post 😦 !  Today’s shout-out is to…………… Sporty Boa’s Blog!  https://sportyboa.wordpress.com .  Thanks for reading this post, and be sure to leave a comment to show what you think and a like, to get more theories and posts!  See Ya! ~Smart Flame


Spring Spree!

Hey guys! Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted! So I’ll just say sorry for that. Anyways, most of you have probably seen the new post on the Creators’ Blog, but if you haven’t, read this post for the details!

YAS I love the sneeze powder! The flower power costume is also pretty awesome! Get them both NOW, trust me you don’t want to miss out on these two cool store cards.

Skinny Moon describes her GIF to be a lot like Massachusetts where she is Those colorful flowers are from the flower power card. FIGHT THE SNOW, FLOWERS

Anyone allergic to pollen? Yup, me too. Got any poptropican friends who are allergic to pollen? The sneezing powder is what you need!


Again, sorry for having not posted in a while, but I’ll be sure to find time to post more often!

~Friendly Foot




As many of you already know, a new movement is going through the Poptropica Community, #SaveTheCommunity.  This movement stands for saving small Poptropica blogs and Discord servers from being deleted due to inactivity.  Created by Tall Cactus and Perfect Sky, this movement is something I support.  It also wants other Poptropicans to realize the PHC isn’t the only place to chat, and  the PHB isn’t the only blog.  No, let me be clear, I love and respect the PHB as it has taken time and effort to build the blog up to where it is, and they do deserve recognition for this.   I think that people should check out other blogs, as well as the PHB, considering if they like that blog.  I don’t think we should force people to follow blogs, but rather encourage them to visit, and view other blogs, and if they like it, have them follow.  One event already schedule is Small Blog Awareness Day which will take place on March 25, 2017.  This blog is a smaller blog, but not as small as other blogs, so each day I’ll leave a link to a blog you need to check out!  So my message to every reading this is to read other blogs, and follow them if you like it.  Even 1 more follow can make someones day extremely better!  Today’s blog is…………. The Poptastic Blog! ( https://thepoptasticblog.wordpress.com ). This is an amazing blog, where ShayShayGamer typically posts new, original, exciting content! Thank you for reading! ~Smart Flame


Ned Noodlehead=Spy Island Agent?!!!

After the creators posted a post showing a picture as Ned Noodlehead as James Bond.  This got me thinking, is Ned Noodlehead a Spy Island Agent?!  Well the nerdy comic shop owner is a convincing cover-up story.  Also, it was his goal to defeat Betty Jetty.  I think, even with the lack of evidence, this is very possible, and I like believing it.  Sorry for a short post, but bye! ~Smart Flame