What I think about Poptropica Worlds

Hey Guys, It’s me, Smart Flame!  Today I will share what I think of Pop Worlds, but first I have a few announcements.  My first announcement is Smarter Chat, my off-pop blog has it’s first post made, the second coming tomorrow.     ( https://smarterchat.wordpress.com/ )   Next Endangered Pt. 4 is coming out tomorrow, sorry it took so long, I wanted to make this one great.  The final part is coming out in a week.  Now, I could continue Endangered as I have a plot line that could work, I could make a new Fan Fic, or I could take a break from Fan Fics altogether.  Tell me in the comments below on what I should do, but information on a possible continuation or new fan fic will come with the Endangered posts.  Finally I have been thinking of different series’s and I will be testing a few of them out in the next month to see if any are good.  Now that the announcements are over I will actually write about the title.

So I have been playing Worlds a bit, and there’s something I noticed.  Pop Worlds is newer, and I played the original Pop first so this might be a little bias, but I have found that New Pop just isn’t bringing as much adventure spirit or excitement that I got from old Pop.  One reason which is only because it’s a newer is there are less places to go.  The other thing is, is it is now more centered around home island and you can travel to other places where in Old Pop you were always traveling.  Also everything seems so guided and planned,and I feel like it tells you what to do.   In Old Pop I got the feeling of adventure by figuring it all out by myself.  Now Crisis Caverns might be this way due to it being a possible starter island, but I feel like they should have a specific island for that not really combining it with a regular island.  Home island, (or Worlds),  also gives off this vibe, and although it’s important when you do something the first time, we don’t need it after that.  Another issue many players are discussing is the “pay-to-play” aspect of the game.  I feel like this could easily be avoided if members got separate features not to important the game.  If you add member only products to what everyone has it only makes non-members more separate and  creating much more of a stark difference between.  Whereas if non-members didn’t get exclusive features that didn’t disrupt gameplay but enhance (Such as End of island quests) it’ll not only want people continuing their membership but attract non-members, without the backlash we see.  Now that’s pretty much, but I just want to say that Pop Worlds is a new game, the creators are still developing it and really we just have to wait and see.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you maybe agreed with my points or found a different perspective.  That’s all for today’s and be sure to look out for Endangered coming out tomorrow! Bye! ~Smart Flame


I have no title

Hey guys, it’s me Smart flame!  This post is just me talking to you because I need your help. There’s not much content yet on Pop worlds, and new content isn’t necessarily in sight.  This blog runs on news, reviews, and theories, none of which are really possible without content. So I’ve come to ask you guys what i should blog about.  I could do revisiting old islands and playing through them, writing my thoughts, I could do read between the lines, but have you guys come up with some crazy theory that I’ll try and prove, I could do reviews of old islands, pretty much everything.  But I want to post what you want to see, so tell me in the comments what you want to see.  Sorry this was a short post, but it’s a needed one. Bye! ~Smart Flame


This happened!

Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame! And today I have some exciting news!  First off, Lucky Wing has gotten 100 comments on this blog in one month.  I thought I’d share that because it is a feat.  Second, this is our 100th post!  100 hundred times I’ve written post; theory, story, or news.  I remember when I started it all, on Thanksgiving break.  And not only has my blogging skill improved tremendously, the blog has also grown.  I can tell you we reached 30 followers! Although it happened, a little while ago, i wanted to wait for the 100th post.  I just can’t believe 100 hundred times I’ve written “Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!”.  So in honor of this great milestone, I will be finally writing out the history page on the navigation.  Thank you all for bearing through my cringy theories and graphics where now you can come here and at least get something better then what it was before.  Smart, you’re graphics still suck I know, but I’m ….. trying.  Also, the first person to find these two cringy posts and comment saying, “I found it”  Will get their poptropican drawn Smart style, with all the cringe (Worlds or original).  The posts are do the miranda, and reality tv island guide.  If you did one, don’t do the other, and be sure to refresh the page once you get there to be sure you haven’t been beat.

On other news, I’m opening up a new blog like many other bloggers.  The main reason is while writing these posts I often feel the urge to rant or talk about something off-topic, and I’ll just do it there.  The first post isn’t up yet mainly because the editing process is still going on, so I’ll release on my blog today, I’ll do it on discord once the first post is out. https://smarterchat.wordpress.com/

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post, bye! ~Smart Flame


Endangered Part 3

Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame! Today I am here with the third installment of Endangered!  Without further ado, here it is!

Sporty Boa awoke on a couch, in what seemed like a massive log cabin.  And old man, seeming to be frozen at first, with spectacles lying on the tip of his nose, walked over to Sporty Boa, and stood him up.  What Sporty hadn’t realized yet was he was tied up. Winston begin to drag Sporty into a room.  Sporty Boa, still drowsy tried to push away with the little strength he had. “Where am I, you freak?  Let me go”  Winston’s old frail body wasn’t strong enough to pull Sporty Boa, yet Sporty’s drowsy and nearly asleep body couldn’t pull away.  Then Myron steps into view, a loaded cross bow in hand and shoots at Sporty.  The arrow hits his binding, sending him flying to the wall, pinning him to it.  The crash on the wall forced a stuffed bear crashing out of a room. “You kill animals?  Why am I here? Let me go?  I demand answers!”  “You fell asleep and almost fell off a cliff.”  “And why am I binded up.”  “It’s the ropes I used to save you with.  But hunting animals is wrong?  Child, you haven’t been on a hunting expedition with me.  Now if you don’t mind, I want some target practice.”  He fires another arrow at Sporty’s head, Sporty ducking just in time, the arrow activates a hidden switch to a room leading upstairs.  Sporty enters, breaking free from his binding and climbs up.  Myron and Winston quickly head upstairs, when Sporty secretly drops down and heads into the collection room.  Sporty runs in to the room, trips on a giraffe and it falls on his arm, before first activating Myron’s catch phrase.  Sporty hears the pair run downstairs.  Sporty sees the long greasy mustache protruding from the door.  Sporty tries to break free from the giraffe, but won’t move.  Sporty’s heart rate quickens, as he plans an escape, while the other two plan an attack.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  I know it’s different from the island, but that was purposeful.  That’s all for today. Bye! ~Smart Flame




This is just a quick post. I’m just here to say sorry for not getting posts out recently, but I’ve been busy working on the surprise coming tomorrow.  Regular posting will continue from now on.  Also be sure to check out Endangered Part 3 which will be released tonight.  Bye! ~Smart Flame


Top Ten of The Month!

Hey Guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!  Today, We will countdown the top ten most meaningful islands. The islands will have deep story lines, cultural  beauty, and diverse story lines.  Let’s get started.

10. Arabian Nights
This island goes over the struggle people faced in ancient middle eastern times.  It shows how 40 thieves were destroying the city, while combining ancient myths and legends of genies in a bottle at the time.

9. Cryptids Island
This island shows how a millionaire wished to find proof of the many mythical creatures that are known through the world as cryptids.  But he realizes people are searching for them while terrorizing these animals.  He does everything in his power to help you find conclusive evidence of them, while helping refuge one too.

8. S.O.S. Island
This island shows the terror of boat wreck, which represents the famous Titanic boat sink that was an unexpected tragedy occurring in the early 20th century.  Through saving the guests, it shows you also how they were stuck in that terror.

7. Game Show Island
This island shows our poptropican’s struggle for freedom in dystopian-like environment controlled by robots.  They must prove themselves to become equals with the robots.  This island represents our “Pop Civil War” as we fight for our rights.

6. Escape From Pelican Rock Island
This island may not have been culturally diverse, but it dealt with more grown-up, real world situations.  Though getting framed and thrown in jail by an exact double of you in boots isn’t likely, it still dealt with crimes and showed us the torture of what prison would be.

5. Time Tangled Island
This island, quick as it may be, still dealt with several cultures and allowed us to see how different sultures interact and how some artifacts changed the course of history.

4. Twisted Thicket Island
This island was a personal favorite, and to this day I find how underrated it is.  It’s mystical and mythological elements only further the plot and playing experience, while still holding two central themes. The first being nature shouldn’t be fought, rather then worked with.  The second being the fierceness to protect something may rub off as rude or evil, but until we know it’s motivation, judging it is wrong, unless it is violent to the point of criminal status.

3. Vampire’s Curse Island
As much as I wanted to tape my hands together while writing this, due to it being one of my least favorite islands, the deep plots and story lines, though hidden in a Twilight-like them (HP wins any day), it still has a strong meaning that might miss at first glance.  It is that no human will live forever, and until one realizes that, depression and confusion will rage inside one, causing them to do irrational things.

2. Skullduggery Island
This is another one I do not wish to write, as it’s name is underlined in the red line (really annoying for me), and I wished to snap my chromebook while floating endlessy on water.  But this has a very adult meaning, in which we must work for our success, and because 90% of the island was this, it went up on this list.  And the phrase really comes true once you beat ol’ Captain Crawfish.

1. Ghost Story Island
Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming.  It is a fan favorite, and rightfully so.  This is why I love Poptropica.  They’re able to convey deep story lines, ones you’d find in successful novels, and create them in such a way older kids love it, while still being a fun game that younger audiences can enjoy. And honestly this island in the epitome of that.  It provides a love story that’s not overly gushy and gross, a few scarier moments that are very unexpected, and the adventurous spirit that Poptropica brings to you from all islands.

Before I go I have two things to say.  First a theory, are only Poptropica ghosts aloud to talk?  And look at this:


I can’t believe anyone even nominated Endangered, but to now have it be in contention for voting?  This is so surreal. When this blog was created I did not think it would be still active, but here I am with something that could win a Poppies award! Shout-out to Sporty Boa who had the amazing idea for this wonderful series!  Yet again I thank everyone who nominated Endangered, and everyone who supports this blog, you mean so much to me.  BTW the 3rd part will be released tomorrow with a little surprise! Thank you if you made it this far, you could probably run a marathon.  Bye! ~Smart Flame



Read Between The Lines: You’re Poptropicans are Time Travelers!

I believe that Poptropica is one timeline of major problems in the world in which your poptropican went to save everyone in.  I will be reviewing the similarities in Crisis Caverns and 24 Carrot island to historical events and how your poptropican saved the potropicans there.

We’ll start with Crisis Caverns as there is smaller evidence and similarities.  I believe this island most closely relates to the eruption of Pompeii.  Mount Vesuvius was the volcano that erupted, possibly relating to the Caldera, or Super Volcano. Also, the park in the game was a tourist attraction, as was Pompeii for some of their many technological advances, unheard of at their time.

I believe 24 Carrot relates to the Great Depression of America.  I believe this because, as seen, the city is financial crisis.  I believe the loss of carrots represent the loss of the main resource or job that supported towns: this islands were carrots.  Now more evidence supports this theory.  The great depression took place in the 30’s, and nearly the 40’s.  The technological advances are similar to what would have been there at that time, such as a movie theater, and a diner.  Also during this time, the industrial evolution had really hit its peak, and there is a factory there, which could show the large amounts of smog seen on the island. Next is the farm, as even though farming  was not as popular as it used to be, it was still common to see a farm in every town.

Personally, I think the second could be true, but tell what you think in the comments below. That’s all for today, bye! ~Smart Flame