What I think about Poptropica Worlds

Hey Guys, It’s me, Smart Flame!  Today I will share what I think of Pop Worlds, but first I have a few announcements.  My first announcement is Smarter Chat, my off-pop blog has it’s first post made, the second coming tomorrow.     ( https://smarterchat.wordpress.com/ )   Next Endangered Pt. 4 is coming out tomorrow, sorry it took so long, I wanted to make this one great.  The final part is coming out in a week.  Now, I could continue Endangered as I have a plot line that could work, I could make a new Fan Fic, or I could take a break from Fan Fics altogether.  Tell me in the comments below on what I should do, but information on a possible continuation or new fan fic will come with the Endangered posts.  Finally I have been thinking of different series’s and I will be testing a few of them out in the next month to see if any are good.  Now that the announcements are over I will actually write about the title.

So I have been playing Worlds a bit, and there’s something I noticed.  Pop Worlds is newer, and I played the original Pop first so this might be a little bias, but I have found that New Pop just isn’t bringing as much adventure spirit or excitement that I got from old Pop.  One reason which is only because it’s a newer is there are less places to go.  The other thing is, is it is now more centered around home island and you can travel to other places where in Old Pop you were always traveling.  Also everything seems so guided and planned,and I feel like it tells you what to do.   In Old Pop I got the feeling of adventure by figuring it all out by myself.  Now Crisis Caverns might be this way due to it being a possible starter island, but I feel like they should have a specific island for that not really combining it with a regular island.  Home island, (or Worlds),  also gives off this vibe, and although it’s important when you do something the first time, we don’t need it after that.  Another issue many players are discussing is the “pay-to-play” aspect of the game.  I feel like this could easily be avoided if members got separate features not to important the game.  If you add member only products to what everyone has it only makes non-members more separate and  creating much more of a stark difference between.  Whereas if non-members didn’t get exclusive features that didn’t disrupt gameplay but enhance (Such as End of island quests) it’ll not only want people continuing their membership but attract non-members, without the backlash we see.  Now that’s pretty much, but I just want to say that Pop Worlds is a new game, the creators are still developing it and really we just have to wait and see.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you maybe agreed with my points or found a different perspective.  That’s all for today’s and be sure to look out for Endangered coming out tomorrow! Bye! ~Smart Flame


2 thoughts on “What I think about Poptropica Worlds

  1. *insta subs to new blog*
    I think on the FanFics… I’m not sure TBH, sorry.
    And I’ve been playing Pop Worlds as a sort of extension of the original, since I’m doing it on my YouTube. It’s pretty fun, but I wish we would have started with more islands.


  2. It’s not that I don’t love your rendition of ‘Endangered’ because I do, but once you’re finished I, myself would like to to re-write a different version of the story, and maybe we could share it here on the blog!


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