I have no title

Hey guys, it’s me Smart flame!  This post is just me talking to you because I need your help. There’s not much content yet on Pop worlds, and new content isn’t necessarily in sight.  This blog runs on news, reviews, and theories, none of which are really possible without content. So I’ve come to ask you guys what i should blog about.  I could do revisiting old islands and playing through them, writing my thoughts, I could do read between the lines, but have you guys come up with some crazy theory that I’ll try and prove, I could do reviews of old islands, pretty much everything.  But I want to post what you want to see, so tell me in the comments what you want to see.  Sorry this was a short post, but it’s a needed one. Bye! ~Smart Flame


5 thoughts on “I have no title

  1. Just post stuff like “ideas to add to Poptropica Worlds”, top 3 best common room games,top 3 worst common room games, best glitches in Poptropica, what I voted for in the Poppies 2017, why Poptropica is better then club penguin. Those types of posts.

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