Endangered Part 3

Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame! Today I am here with the third installment of Endangered!  Without further ado, here it is!

Sporty Boa awoke on a couch, in what seemed like a massive log cabin.  And old man, seeming to be frozen at first, with spectacles lying on the tip of his nose, walked over to Sporty Boa, and stood him up.  What Sporty hadn’t realized yet was he was tied up. Winston begin to drag Sporty into a room.  Sporty Boa, still drowsy tried to push away with the little strength he had. “Where am I, you freak?  Let me go”  Winston’s old frail body wasn’t strong enough to pull Sporty Boa, yet Sporty’s drowsy and nearly asleep body couldn’t pull away.  Then Myron steps into view, a loaded cross bow in hand and shoots at Sporty.  The arrow hits his binding, sending him flying to the wall, pinning him to it.  The crash on the wall forced a stuffed bear crashing out of a room. “You kill animals?  Why am I here? Let me go?  I demand answers!”  “You fell asleep and almost fell off a cliff.”  “And why am I binded up.”  “It’s the ropes I used to save you with.  But hunting animals is wrong?  Child, you haven’t been on a hunting expedition with me.  Now if you don’t mind, I want some target practice.”  He fires another arrow at Sporty’s head, Sporty ducking just in time, the arrow activates a hidden switch to a room leading upstairs.  Sporty enters, breaking free from his binding and climbs up.  Myron and Winston quickly head upstairs, when Sporty secretly drops down and heads into the collection room.  Sporty runs in to the room, trips on a giraffe and it falls on his arm, before first activating Myron’s catch phrase.  Sporty hears the pair run downstairs.  Sporty sees the long greasy mustache protruding from the door.  Sporty tries to break free from the giraffe, but won’t move.  Sporty’s heart rate quickens, as he plans an escape, while the other two plan an attack.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  I know it’s different from the island, but that was purposeful.  That’s all for today. Bye! ~Smart Flame



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