Endangered Part 2!

Hey Guys, It’s me, Smart Flame!  Today I’m here with the second edition of Endangered!  BTW, I’m sorry for not posting in a million years, but I just needed a break (again).

Sporty Boa stood up, as he looked at the man questioningly, as cold water drained from his hair and clothes.  He composes himself, and asks with as little shyness as he can, “My name is Sporty Boa, and y-”  “Names Van Buren, Myron Van Buren.”  Myron stands their his gun now at his side.  His other hand twirling his greasy bushy mustache.  “Well get on my horse, I’ll give you a lift to my house!”  Sporty Boa hesitates.  “No thanks I’ll get myself back to the lodge.”  He leaves the caves.

Sporty Boa walked out of the cave. The sign which would lead him back to the lodge had been shot several times, making it illedgible.  What happened to the sign?!  He begins to walk down the path on his right.  After about a mile of walking, green gas begins to surround him.  He becomes queasy and falls to the ground.  A trainquillizer dart hits his neck.  He becomes immediately unconcious.  Somewhere a voice is heard.  “Once a guest, always a guest.”

Sorry this was so short, but next week will begin to get better.  BTW the Poppies are now being held in the nomination round, so go and vote to make what you think should win, win!  That’s all for today, bye! ~Smart Flame


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