Top Ten Hardest Things About Owning A Poptropica Blog


Hey guys, it’s me, Smart Flame!  Poptropica is a special place, and so is its community.  We have several blogs and youtube channels created by dedicated fans.  And everyone helps everyone grow in the community.  Us bloggers want to give good posts to the people who support us along our journey.  But getting out good posts and continuing our blogs is certainly not for the faint-hearted.  Getting views and followers is tough and I’m here to show everyone what I think are 10 of the hardest challenges Poptropica bloggers face. So without further ado, let’s get on with the post!

#10: Advertising
You may read this and think Advertising? How’s that a challenge!  This is a challenge because if you over advertise people start to become less likely to clink your link, thinking you’re just view-hungry.  But, if you don’t advertise at all, you must rely on a pretty loyal fan base to get support.  I would suggest to  advertise on 1-2 servers, 3 at most on Discord, and if you have Twitter, Tweet it.

#9: Creativity
This is a challenge that I relate to currently.  When creating a series it needs to be creative and original, and despite my love for all of our Pop Blogs, originality is hard to come by.  I struggle putting out original twists on news stories, and putting out good series’s.

#8: Pop News
You might be asking yourself How is this a challenge?  It’s more content to post! It’s more content to post if you pounce on it like a tiger.  Poptropica News is hard because, after the first four posts on the news, people stop reading those posts.  Your best bet is to be as quick as you can when posting it.

#7: The Baby Phase
This is the phase where your blog has 20 – 30 followers and 1,000 – 3,000 hits.  This is the hardest phase to pass because so many blogs are at this phase.  This is the point where many blogs are deleted because it’s hard to get new people to add to your group of followers. Few blogs ever break through this phase, and many blogs, even if they’re still active stay in this phase.  That is where this blog is currently.  If you can break through this phase, just know, you’re doing something right.  But, don’t be like, Well, my blog’s in the baby phase, will it get out?!  You don’t have to worry, because if you persevere and keep improving your posts, you will make it out.

#6: Regular Posting
Posting regularly is essential for blogs in The Baby Phase, because if you go awhile without posting, the people who will make or break your chance at survival start to not look at your blog.  It’s hard with busy schedules and lives, to put out quality content that doesn’t feel rushed.

#5: Ideas
Blog post idea’s are hard to come up with, if not already made by another blogger.  You want to keep it interesting, while still being informative.  You want it to be structured yet fun.  My golden rule is if it’s a post you wouldn’t read, don’t post it.  If it’s fine by you, you know it’s fine, because you are the hardest judge on yourself, so if it meets your standards someone will surely enjoy it.

#4: Contests
I love holding contests but they’re hard to work with.  Many times in blogs you’ll see contests that suddenly disappear.  The main reason typically why this happens is not enough entrees into the contest.  Therefore the blogger longer sees it fit to hold a contest with two people in it.  Now larger blogs may not find this a problem.  The greatest way to get the most people in your contests, is don’t do many, because people might get bored of them, and less entrees enter.  Also, get your fans excited about the contest, and give them a long time to create entrees.

#3: Blog’s Design
This is more of a personal one, mainly because I am no designer or artist in the slightest bit, so typically my blog has a very basic look to it.  This is a challenge, because people might assume bad designing or look means a bad blog.  Also, because I’m pretty new to the customization tool, it just is not yet where I’d like it.  For many it isn’t a problem, but it is certainly for me.

#2: The Edge
The edge is basically finding a talent you have, and using it to improve your writing.  Now, it doesn’t have to be a talent, but how you do something that gets people excited or interested.  Fierce Flyers is his drawing, it is fantastic.  Lucky Wing’s her ability just to make posts that are so relatable and funny.  On this blog I’m trying to make and/or find an edge that makes my posts more interesting.

#1: Gaining Views and Followers
This is a very hard task, but especially blogs in the baby phase.  Having “The Edge”  helps you gain views and followers.  This is what can make blogs end, because when they’re in the Baby Phase, their views and followers don’t come as often as they did in the beggining.  I am not going to lie, this is very hard.  Views come by a lot easier, but followers are just a whole new level of difficulty.

I hope you enjoyed these Top Ten Hardest Blog Challenges!  Please tell me in the comments, which do you agree with, which do you disagree with?  That’s all for today’s post, Bye!  ~Smart Flame


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Hardest Things About Owning A Poptropica Blog

  1. So technically, I’m out of the baby stage. Does that mean I’m in the teenage stage or the adult stage? Or maybe just the child stage… (#WhenLackOfSleepMakesYourCommentsWEIRD)
    Wait a second, I’m funny?

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    1. It’s just means you’re out of the baby stage, I guess? Don’t take my word for it, but seriously, don’t, because I need to get with the times. I bet people say that anymore, you can see the desperation in my situation.

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  2. Heres a tip for making a good Poptropica Blog. Do not post every single news that you get. Only post the interesting news like when a new feature is added or a new island is add something like that. Do not post Ads, and not important posts from the creators blog. Instend, post top 10s, theories, fan fics, and other stuff. Just do not fill your blog with only news as the Poptropica Help Blog has got that covered.

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