Endangered Part 1!

Hey guys, it’s me, Smart Flame! Sorry for not posting in a really long time, but I needed I bit of a break as this week has been really busy for me.  Now I’m back, and I’m ready to kick of the fanfiction series, Endangered!  

It all started as a normal hike. A group of young Survival Island Rangers were giving me a tour of the profound cave systems located below the snowy surface of the island. “Totally radical place for hibernating animals dude,” said one of the Rangers whom’s long red hair made him distinguishable in the deep darkness of the caves, I definitely was thinking of all the creatures we could encounter, especially the dangerous ones who could instill great terror upon us if we weren’t careful… And we weren’t. Sly Bear, one of the three rangers giving the tour, started walking backwards as he quizzed me on rock formations and species who called this abyss-like area home, I of course, answered the questions with ease and even added my own facts about hazardous things we could come across, but they never seemed to hear. We had walked for maybe an hour and a half through the caves when I started to hear the noise, I was about ask everyone to stop what they were doing, when someone nudged me, “You sure know your animals Sporty,” It was a girl’s voice so I knew it was Soft Eagle, the ranger who’d been eyeing me strangely before we entered the caves, I shouldn’t have gotten distracted because suddenly the noise returned, even louder this time. “Bear.” I stammered, “What up?” Sly Bear answered sounding completely clueless, I saw the empty, lustrous eyes of exactly what I had feared made that noise and I shrieked, “BEAR!!” My mind went blank when I shoved the Raven-haired ranger out of the way and took a massive blow to the chest, I felt a surge of pain as I skidded across the rocky floor and into a shallow pool of freezing cave water, where I laid in udder shock until my vision faded into black….

I awoke, my body drenched in freezing water.  I looked down, thinking it was a dream until the shadow of a 7 foot beast was laid over my body.  I scooted back with the remaining energy I had left.  I called for the rangers, but they had all left me.  I stayed silent, thinking it would believe I was dead and leave, but it carried on slowly.  I had reached the cave wall, with no other exit in sight.  The bear was standing over me, it’s drool pouring onto my shirt like rain.  Then, a gun shot rang through the cave.  The bear fell down, right beside me.  For a few seconds I felt relief.  I then looked up to find and old man in an Australian hunting outfit.  The man wearing it was old, and bore a long thick greasy mustache.  Embroidered into his clothes were then initials MVB.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed it!  Bye! ~Smart Flame


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