PBN! Writing Contest Results!

Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!  I have some really exciting news!  Now if you’ve been here quite awhile, you’ll remember that I had constantly asked you guys if I should join the PBN, and everyone said yes, but I never did.  But here I am, telling you that we are now officially apart of the PBN!  If you would like to view their site, you can find on our navigation bar!  This is really amazing, and I’m so happy to apart of the PBN!

Now, after several entries, the winner of the Writing Contest is…………… Sporty Boa, and his story, named Endangered!  This is a really cool story, that I’m excited to be working on!  Thanks to everyone who entered, all of the stories were great, giving me a hard choice.

Now, before anyone read my blog, I wrote a post named Is Crisis Caverns Back On? And, well, it looks like, miraculously, one of my theories were true!  I even thought the worms would make it into it!  Just something cool I found in my blogs history, to be exact, the second day this blog existed!  That’s all for this post, bye! ~Smart Flame


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