New Graphic! #MyOpposite!

Hey guys!  It’s me, Smart Flame!  If you’re on reader, you can’t see this, but I’ve changed my header, and added a new widget with Graphics from the Creators who sent them out to bloggers!  I tried to insert the blogs logo on it, but my cropping skills are below average, so naturally it failed!

Now I’m going to do the #MyOpposite challenge, which isn’t a challenge, just something I made up.  Yay!  So my opposite is known as Naive Ice (I did this for lack of a better word for dumb).  He loves beans and sausage.  He hates music.  He loves heights.  He is really tall, and loves red.  He hates exploration, and loves the TV.

I hope you enjoyed that very lame paragraph!  Now, if you remember, in like December that Tumblr post made by the creators about getting your blog noticed?  Well I re-read as everyone does (Who was lots of time)  and TPC was mentioned in it!  I don’t know how I missed this the other many times I’ve read it, but that was so cool to me, and I just feel so honored.  Then I started re-reading old posts, and remembered the good old days.  That was when I didn’t care what people thought of, of what I put out.  I was just having fun making all sorts of posts.  So my goal is to bring that back.  To put out posts that were fun.  We will definetly still do news, though.  I remember one post, where I made a theory that Poptropicans were potatoes, and I loved writing (Shout-out to PC for that one!) So were going to make fun theories, stories, and lists, to make this blog more enjoyable.  I’ve noticed those posts got the most views and likes, and I want to bring you guys what you enjoy.  That’s all for today, bye! ~Smart Flame


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