A Random Sort Of Post

Hey guys!  It’s me, Smart Flame!  Today’s post is just going to show what I’m thinking and doing, because I literally have no idea of a post.

Well, right now, I’m still trying to think of blog post ideas, and if you don’t read this, I was successful, but you’d never know I wrote this.  So my lack of logic is boring you out, and now I have to go for dinner.  But my lack common sense is kicking in, and in honesty I don’t have to tell you this, cause I could just leave, then keep writing, so now I’m left here to consider my being as a person on Earth.

Well, I’m back and LW posted a post with different questions on it, and I will try to answer.  I won’t answer all of them, just a few I picked.  Here’s the post https://luckywingsblogofun.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/list-thing/ Let’s get started!

What if Amelia and the Red Baroness are AU (alternate universe) versions of each other?

I disagree because wouldn’t one of them do the opposite of flying?  Like, The One and Only Walking Red Baroness!  But, flying could have many opposites, it’d just be the most opposite.  That makes me wonder, what is the opposite of Smart Flame.  Maybe we can start a challenge called the AU version of yourself.  Let’s make it popular because I want to make something that other people post about.  I have revealed some of my amazing self-absorption.  So like #AUVersionOfYou or #MyOpposite.  Let’s make it trend.  Next Question!

Who are Betty Jetty and Ned Noodlehead’s parents? Are they divorced? 

Betty Jetty and Ned are siblings?  What happened?  Is this real or a theory?  So much confusion!  Who am I?  Where am I?  This is enough because I’m losing my knowledge and life by this.  Next Question!

What species was the Elf Queen?

Well, my best guess is an elf.  I just have a feeling, it just sounds right.  No wait, she’s a human who loves nature because Elf’s are tiny.  I’m proving this wrong with logic, and lack of a better answer.

Cows. Why are they evil?

They’re cows, they’re always evil.

Why doesn’t your Poptropican use stuff he’s/she’s gotten on previous islands? I mean, you have like 4 flashlights right? Wai?! 

This is because  we have to empty our backpack after each because it’ll weigh blimp down.  If not, then we’re idiots.

Be honest, did the lady on Ghost Story make you scream?

She did not scare me, because I had watched a Top Ten Best Islands video, after playing all of the islands besides Ghost Story and Virus Hunter, thinking I might not hear about the islands, but they spoiled Ghost Story for me.  Also I cheated on Cryptids by using video guide, because I got lost on the motorbike.  Don’t judge.  Next Question!

How did Dr Hare get out of space? You destroyed his Rabbot and he didn’t have a space suit. So how did he end up on Reality TV?

It’s Dr. Hare.  I need not speak more.

So that’s all, and let’s create the #MyOpposite challenge, bye! ~Smart Flame


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