After 100,000,000 years…

Helloooo people! It’s FF after, let’s see…. Counts fingers… Oh whatever, let’s just say I’ve been gone for a while. I am aware that Smart Flame already posted a review on Pop Worlds, but I thought it would be nice if you awesome readers could get another opinion on the new and improved Poptropica.

Well… Poptropica Worlds isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, though the lag is out of this world! Who else agrees with me on this? The options aren’t as varied, but on Twitter Poptropica announced that they may add a colorizer, so let’s hope for that! There’s also the thing about losing our original costumes, but hopefully Friendly Foot can gain all her normal outfit items back again… She simply CAN’T be herself without her antlers. So until they release antlers I’m pretty much dead… (Jk!) There’s also the fact that you can’t change your lips after choosing them when choosing your character. But at least I have lips, while others are experiencing a glitch in which their character become “bleachy boy” or “bleachy girl”.

Now enough with the problems, lets get onto the good stuff, shall we? For one, you don’t need flash to play Worlds, and (very minor but still helpful) you can open it on incognito mode, and can also go full screen while playing.

So yep, that’s it folks! Hopefully I won’t go on another major hiatus, but for the next three days I’ll be on a camping trip with my grade, so I won’t be able to go online… Bye Poptropicans! (Below is a picture of the new FF, so different right?)

A picture of the new Friendly Foot

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