The Last Item?!

Yesterday the Creators made a post, showing us the final mystery item that will be shown.  First I will describe what I think it is, and then New Pop’s release!

Personally, there are two options that this could be.  It could either be a chest, with a large mirror in the flat part.  or it could be an arcade game.  it has the top part they always have.  The screen would be in the middle.  The controls would be on that place that sticks out.  It makes sense (Enough).  I think either could work, but an arcade game would be pretty cool.

Now, I believe that this means New Pop will be coming out very soon.  It’s the final mystery item, and we’re nearing the end of Spring, June 1st is the last day.  So I think that this is a good chance it’ll be out very soon.  Now I may not be here for New Pop’s release.  I’m not deleting the blog, I will just be on vacation.  So if I’m inactive from May 25 – June 4, I’m not dead.  I’ll just be in Florida.  be sure to vote in Lilly and Mia’s Popscars event!  That’s all for today, thank you so much for reading this post, and have a great day! ~Smart Flame


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