2,000 Hits?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

There is no freaking time for my introduction.  Today I got 2,000 Hits!!!  I was scrolling through and found 2,000 hits and 600 visitors, and was like HOLY FISH PASTE!  I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me the opportunity to have a good blog, and it just makes my day to see a like on my post.  You guys are so supportive of all of my content and I want to make it better.  So I will be making two major anouncements!  First is Fun Friday’s!  This is where you tell me a post or theory or story to write, but I would like to be random and fun!  Each week I will choose one suggestion and do what it says!  Next week will be the first Fun Friday!  So be sure to leave suggestions in the comments!

Screenshot 2017-05-15 at 11.06.55 PM

That’s right.  We will be hosting a #MyDreamIsland Contest just like the creators did.  I want you guys to send in entries and we will have you guys vote on your favorite entries.  Then together we will work on the island piecing together each scene.  For an entire month we will work on it, then we will release it! We here will then continue making posts about it for the rest of that month!  Be sure to start thinking and creating your ideas!  Also be sure to send in Fun Friday entries, as well as Writing Contest entries,as the deadline is soon! Bye! ~Smart Flame


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