#MyPopsona, and Some News!

Hey guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!  Before I begin this post, I’d like to ask you to tell me in the comments how to make the blog better.   Some basic question you could answer would be, What content should we post? How should we make our posts interesting?  What do you like that we already do?  What did you like that we stopped doing?  Those are just some of the question I’d like answered, but feel free to tell me anything!  You guys are so amazing, and we want to make our blog what you think is best!

Two major things happened this week!  On a sad note, Orange Shell is leaving the blog due to inactivity.  She has helped me so much when I created this blog, and I thank her for her time here.  As some of yo may have noticed, I’ve been making my blog look fancier than usual, because I’ve figured out some more tools in customization!  The history and posts section will be completed, as I’m working on them.

Screenshot 2017-05-18 at 7.16.04 AM

This is my #MyPopsona!  Hoped you enjoyed this post!  Be sure to send in you entries for the writing competition! Be sure to tell me how to make the blog better in the comments!  That’s all for today, bye!  ~Smart Flame


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