A Real Poptropicon?

Hey guys, it’s me, Smart Flame!  Before we go into this post, I’d like to show you some of the fun snapshots and cringe worthy artwork I got for Clawtropica’s one year anniversary.

Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 3.35.03 PM 
I’ve got my eye on you….. both!

Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 3.39.10 PM
Push it real good!


The cringe!

I hope you enjoyed the snapshots above and the …… the picture above!  It was a really fun party.  Now people have been talking about the idea of a real life Poptropicon.  This post was originally written by Lilly and Mia on The Poptropica Blog                                       ( https://thepoptropicablogg.wixsite.com/popblog ).  It basically goes over how amazing a Poptropicon would really be.

Some interesting points brought up in different posts about his topic, is a blogger Q&A.  This would be an amazing opportunity.  If this were to happen so many possibilities would open up.  It would definitely expand the community and Pop’s players.  It would give an opportunity for players to meet each other, and blogs to be recognized.  The community would become closer, and it would be fun!

Unfortunately, there’d be many challenges.  First off, we’d need lots of support.  We’d also have to pick a location.  It’d also be a lot of money, we need space, ad planning it would even be hard.

To sum it all up, I love the idea, and in a few years it might be a possibility, but for now, it’s more of a dream.  But without hope, we’d have no drive, and with no drive, nothing will get acclomplished.  Hoped my inspirational quote was enjoyable!  Bye! ~Smart Flame


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