Nabooti Island Review!

Hi Guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!  As many of you probably know, Nabooti is one of out IOTM’s!  I LOVE THIS FREAKING ISLAND!  So without further ado, let’s get this post started!

First off, I loved the different sections of it, and the overall game play was fun challenging, and amazing!  All of the characters are fun to interact with (I like Zeke the most!)!  Not to mention it’s very interactive, including trading, mancala, puzzles, hieroglyphics, and challenges!

Also I love the African style.  It gives different settings and I love it!  I also love Internet Cafe’s first appearance!  Although I love the phone number glitch, I’d like customization for it more.

I know that was extremely short, but I want to share images that came out a few weeks or months ago, and because of G-Mail, and WordPress problems I couldn’t post on it, but here they are! Note:  You’ve probably heard this, but these images are from a classified source


I love this image cause it has a beautiful color scheme, and really highlights certain areas tremendously.  The vines only make it better, along with the crystals.  I also love the kind of abstract light fixture, it’s very different!


This image shows a chase scene, that includes THE WORM!!!!!  It shows some classic chase scene obstacles like moving platforms and falling bricks which are a personal favorite.  It also mentions a throne. Hmm…….


This shows two worms! It also shows you getting chased by boulders in an incline chase this time!


This shows us items we’ll be able to purchase for our houses!  It shows us furniture, wall papers, standard decorations and devices! It even shows us uniques, like a bear head, a drum set, a surf board, and a Shark Tooth looking shark!     So excited for houses!


This confirms the rumors about the island that was supposedly cancelled, “Crisis Caverns”.  It shows us, what would be my best guess of home screen with Caldera State Park!  I love this image because it shows a wilderness campsite in a bold way!

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed this post!  Bye! ~Smart Flame


2 thoughts on “Nabooti Island Review!

  1. “images from a classified source”
    *extends out boi hand*
    the phb literally said that skinny moon sent a select number of Pop bloggers a pre-beta worlds kit
    i may not have posted about it but even i’ve got it


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