A New Photo!

Hi Guys! It’s me, Smart Flame! The creators released this photo, and asked us to determine what it is.  Personally I think it’s a utility belt that might replace the backpack. I think some evidence is the different pockets we see on it, which could hold our items.  If you think this is unrealistic, we’ve held some pretty large items, and large quantities of items on in our backpacks.  Maybe the used an undetectable expansion charm on it! (I bet all of you Harry Potter fans who’ve read the 7th book know what I’m talking about!)  I think it could also be a belt we’d use to create our houses, and it would show we’re in edit or create mode.  It could also be an accessory, but I doubt that’d be a picture they’d show us.  I think the basic design in has is nice, and I look forward to finding out what it really is!  I know today’s post was short, but that’s all for today! Bye! ~Smart Flame


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