Writing contest!

Hey guys!  I’ve got some special news!  Now before we get to the special news, I will most likely not make a post, and be very inactive from May 25 – June 4, as I will be on a vacation! I will make a few stops on Discord possibly, but for the most part I’ll be inactive. Now on TPC, we’re holding a writing contest!  Now, I feel like writing is a very under appreciated talent in the community.  So what will happen is I would like you to either write 10-12 sentences of the introduction of a story, or give me the plot and overview of a story.  If you are selected, I will either continue, or create a piece based off your submission.  It will be split into 6-10 parts and I’ll write a part each week, giving us a 6-10 week fan fiction.  Now we must go over some rules.

  • It must be kid appropriate and Pop related
  • You must include characters and a mood you’d like for the story

You can write it in the comments, DM me on Discord, or fill it out in the Contact form.  The deadline is June 4 and the winner will be decided June 5.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in the comments, Discord, or the contacts form.  Go spread the word!  That’s all for today, I’m excited to see your creative minds at work, bye!  ~SF


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