Top Ten Of The Month

Top Ten Of The Month!

Hey Guys! It’s me, Smart Flame!  Today I decided to do a Top Ten Of The Month, and I realized I had never done one about my favorite villains, and it was something I had planned to do.  So without further ado,  let’s get on with this post!

10.  Black Widow
Black Widow was certainly a master of disguise, fooling all of us as the police chief.  Personally, she’s not a favorite, but I have to give her respect for the crimes she could pull off.

9. Myron Van Buren
Old Myron makes it here for his devilish practices and his wit.  This man is a complete psycho, but he’s a very smart complete psycho.  No one will ever be as disgusting as he is, making him number nine.

8. Booted Bandit
This man literally framed you and then used to you to find the “treasure”.  It was a horrible crime, and I hate him the most.  There you go.

7. Binary Bard                                                                                                                                        I love this villain mainly for his backstory.  Personally the creators did really well with this classic villain.

6. Betty Jetty
I love her because she was really fun to beat, and yeah, that’s pretty much it.

5.  Zeus
I love Zeus because he was a double offender, and he full on tricked us.  I doubt any of us could’ve seen that plot twist.  Also I love his design, it seems very similar.

4. Construction Leader
I love this villain because he has no motivation to destroy the forest.  Also he is relentless.

3. Gretchen Grimlock
I love how she so ferociously tries to harm you to win.  Personally I’d like a backstory for her, as she’s probably the least visited villain.

2. Sir Rebral
Not only is his name amazing, he has telekinesis! He is my favorite male villain and I wish his battle was longer.  He is really amazing.

1. Frenchie
Landing the number one spot is the notorious french reporter who is destined to make her country the best.  I love her, because she is very cunning, and quick, and this could be a real crime.

I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Favorite Villains!  Sorry for a post drought I’ve been having WordPress problems.  That’s all for today, bye!



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