A Post Of Encouragement

Hi guys! Smart Flame here.  Today I want to give you a post of encouragement.  Right now the community is on edge due to New Pop.  I’ll be listing reasons why we should not worry about the game/community.  First we need to list the possible worrisome events.  Major Blogging Departures, Less Active Chats, Less Active Blogs, Movie Theater, New Pop.  These are some of the things I’ve noticed.  Let’s get started.

Major Blogging Departures
Perfect Sky and Purple Claw are two major influential bloggers who left the blogging world this week.  Before we list reasons to not worry about this, I would like to make a homage to them by listing some of their accomplishments. PC: He inspired several people (Like Myself) to create blogs.  He also helped these blogs with the creation of the PBN, or Poptropica Bloggers Network.  This would end up becoming one of the most influential things in the community.  He also managed to create a successful blog.  PS: Perfect Sky was very influential in her short months as a blogger.  Before that she created a  very successful you-tube channel.  After creating her channel, she quickly grew to popularity, owning a massive you-tube channel, and one of the most popular chats.  Slanted Fish then hired her as the new PHB author with HL, after the departure of Ylimegirl and HPuterpop.  There you could tell she had a new tone then the other authors; respect Poptropica for what they have been able to accomplish in their 9 years of existence, but realize it’s imperfections.  Many people agreed with this, and it lead to the creation of the STC movement.  These two bloggers will be missed dearly, but here’s why we shouldn’t crumble in their absence.  Although they were amazing, now we can see other people fill their shoes and create a legacy of their own. Now don’t get me wrong, the sudden and shocking leave of these two came very soon and I believe either could have reached further heights from the magnificent legacy they already had, but now they can achieve future endeavors, and PC stated he’s still in the community and will reconsider blogging if Worlds is great.  Also, we’ve seen 33 PHB authors leave alone, let alone countless blogs and bloggers we’ve lost.  Although it may have been hard to see people leave, we’re used to seeing people leave and are strong enough to move on.

Less Active Chats/Blogs
We have had several blogs and chats go less active in recent months.  I believe this is because of Worlds.  This is because people are nervous and can’t wait for it to come out, causing them to possibly get so anxious they don’t post/comment.  I believe this’ll change when Worlds comes out because people will either be concerned our excited about it, making them voice opinions in chats and blogs.  

Movie Theater
With the movie theater, I think Pop Creators are trying to do two things: create a safe environment for kids to watch appropriate videos, and also to distract attention from New Pop’s release date.  They are doing both well, so if these are their two reasons for making it, they’ve succeeded.

New Pop
It’s the thing we’ve been expecting for a year.  With Worlds we must be strong.  If we go into Worlds expecting the worst, then we’ll find imperfections faster and find them more annoying.  If we go in with an optimistic attitude, then we’ll find it’s bonuses, making us want to play.  And even if it’s worse then we expect, Poptropica has lasted for nearly ten years and has bounced back from several updates.  I believe if the community stays strong, we’ll get through this one too.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you feel more motivated about these different issues, and tell me in the comments if there’s anything I missed in these points, or any major topics I missed.  Bye! ~Smart Flame



6 thoughts on “A Post Of Encouragement

  1. I yeah thats right! If people leave the community then new people will become the top Poptropica community members! But one problem, theres barely anyone joining the community and the ones who do`,do not really make a blog or try to become the new best Poptropica community members! So yeah we really just need to wait for Poptropica worlds to come out then we might get more new people joining the community.

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