Read Between The Lines: Oliver and Jorge are Just Imagining

In the classic, and original novel series by Pop Creators, Oliver and Jorge find themselves whisked of to a magical land, known as Poptropica.  They faced adventures of bulls, mazes, crazy mayors, and much much more.  But I’ve started wondering, are their adventures a figment of their imaginations?  I believe Oliver and Jorge are only imagining their adventures, after being stuck together working on a project.  I believe this unlikely duo were probably playing Poptropica, or with other toys in their rooms.  I believe these two kids got bored of their work, and decided to have a little fun!  If this theory is true, I love to imagine how it so perfectly represents the feeling of creativity, adventure, fear, and excitement we get from playing the game!  The ability of freedom, and adventure Pop gives us drives the community to be more enthusiastic, and I hope this same style of adventure and freedom carries on to Pop Worlds, as it will bring new amazing players to the community, and will keep old community members active and excited to continue or create blogs, and Youtube channels!  Thanks for reading, and stay amazing! ~Smart Flame


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