Pop Worlds Sneak Peek!!!! And A Movie Theater!!!

OMG!  Today we have gotten a Pop Worlds Sneak Peek! Without further ado, here it is!

Poptropica Worlds sneak peek.jpg

This picture is very interesting, but I think I’ve found out what it is!  At first glance I believed it was the mansion of Myron Van Buren, but would he really keep live fish?  Some evidence this is the animal skin patterned furniture, or the shield he got from a “battle”.  But there’s also a basketball hoop, and I don’t think Myron is much of a Lebron James.  I think it is two options……. a design of a home, a feature that is coming in Pop Worlds, or a realms-like feature building.  Actually, I think it’s both.  You’re probably thing I’m crazy, but I think the home feature will be like realms, just less smaller blocks.  The different patterns and designs give it a personal meaning in their, as typical NPC’s or villains have a theme.  In the shadowed areas, if you hold it up to the light, on the first floor, we can see a map, table, doors, and a few other hazy objects (So many commas!  Takeover of the commas?! JK, XD!).  So my final guess would be an example of the house feature.  Now, a movie theater has been added to Home Island.  Perfect Sky did a very good post on possible films it could show.  I believe it will be used for mini films that they create, and before each film I believe ads will show like youtube.  Also I believe handheld items and costumes will be offered from it (i.e. Movie Star, popcorn, Movie Star Glasses, etc.)  Well that wraps up this post, thanks for reading, and stay Poptastic! ~Smart Flame


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