Read Between The Lines: Why Spy Island Is The Most Important Island


Okay! Before you take me to a mental health institution, hear me out!  I can tell your probably saying Early Poptropica is, or Home Island, but I have proof!!!

In Game
By in game, I mean through Poptropica islands. I believe that Black Widow, and all her little guards are B.A.D. Agents.  I also believe that the spies hired you, and used you to take down villains throughout Poptropica, like in Super Villain Island.  I also believe our Poptropicans were hired after they saw us on Super Power Island, the previous island.  It seems crazy at first, but the puzzle pieces are connecting!

I would love this concept to be true, as it has lots of evidence, and it seems so right.  I think that you also got breaks, and could visit islands like Poptropolis, and Reality TV.  Overall, I love this theory!

Well, it’s the end of the post 😦 !  Today’s shout-out is to…………… Sporty Boa’s Blog!  https://sportyboa.wordpress.com .  Thanks for reading this post, and be sure to leave a comment to show what you think and a like, to get more theories and posts!  See Ya! ~Smart Flame


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