As many of you already know, a new movement is going through the Poptropica Community, #SaveTheCommunity.  This movement stands for saving small Poptropica blogs and Discord servers from being deleted due to inactivity.  Created by Tall Cactus and Perfect Sky, this movement is something I support.  It also wants other Poptropicans to realize the PHC isn’t the only place to chat, and  the PHB isn’t the only blog.  No, let me be clear, I love and respect the PHB as it has taken time and effort to build the blog up to where it is, and they do deserve recognition for this.   I think that people should check out other blogs, as well as the PHB, considering if they like that blog.  I don’t think we should force people to follow blogs, but rather encourage them to visit, and view other blogs, and if they like it, have them follow.  One event already schedule is Small Blog Awareness Day which will take place on March 25, 2017.  This blog is a smaller blog, but not as small as other blogs, so each day I’ll leave a link to a blog you need to check out!  So my message to every reading this is to read other blogs, and follow them if you like it.  Even 1 more follow can make someones day extremely better!  Today’s blog is…………. The Poptastic Blog! ( https://thepoptasticblog.wordpress.com ). This is an amazing blog, where ShayShayGamer typically posts new, original, exciting content! Thank you for reading! ~Smart Flame


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