Reality TV original sketches and concepts!

Hi guys! First I want to say how bad of a blogger I am.  I never post, and the times I do, they are pretty lame so sorry, I’ll try to be more consistent or more interesting.  Also, I’m wondering if there’s anything you’d like to see in this blog (i.e. change blog font, design, look, different types of posts, more activeness, new series’s , etc.)  Please be descriptive of what you want, so I’ll know what to do.  Now back to the post!  Earlier today, the creators posted a post releasing early concepts and sketches for the IOTM, Reality TV island.  Some of the pictures include…..

I assume this shows early designs for the island (first-half) and also an early version of On the Line, just with a more primitive style (second-half).

This picture leads me to believe that before challenges, we were originally going to have races, that included obstacles (first two bars).  The bottom part I think includes a early design of the Poptopica map.


These are two more pictures they posted.



These include some of the character they’d chosen to be pick to compete against you.  Check and see who made it, and who didnt’!
These are come more sophistacated drawings, that seemed to have been scraped.

That ends this post, so see you soon,  ~Smart Flame



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