So Sorry!

Hi guys! I’ve had a really hectic week so I haven’t been able to post for awhile!  I know it seems like Poptropi-Tunnels has been forgotten, but it hasn’t! I’m also working on a Poptropica Anthem using note flight ( https://www.noteflight.com ).  So be sure to create an account to listen to it once it’s completed!  Back to Poptropi-Tunnels, it’ll be out soon, I promise!  Also, if you have not already, be sure to join the seasons academy role play on discord! (DM me to get an invite on discord).  Also, don’t forget, turn in your artwork by the 28th, and come to the party on the 26th! Also more Pop Worlds pictures have been released, which are causing some commotion after some players don’t like the design or think it’s too generic.  That’s all the news for today! ~Smart Flame


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