A Fun Thing To Do

Hi guys, it’s  Smart Flame!  Ever noticed that feeling of Ugh.  I’ve completed every island, and there’s no one in the common room!  Well today I will create a list of some awesome things you can do!  This is based of off PC’s very own version of this on his blog.

  1. Complete the Iotm’s
  2. Complete every island 2 times
  3. Create the craziest, wackiest costume ever
  4. Create the craziest photo ever
  5. Chat on Discord
  6. Create a blog
  7. Join a blog
  8. Write a story about Poptropica
  9. Build an amazing Realm
  10. Mess around with glitches
  11. Fly your jet pack around Early Poptropica
  12. Push the flower vases off the windowsill in Early Poptropica
  13. Play around with ad transporter
  14. play around with custom name genie
  15. Play around with ASG
  16. Read blogs
  17. Buy stuff from the store with credits
  18. Buy Pop Merchandise
  19. Hop around Home Island
  20. Spin the wheel
  21. Play in the common room
  22. Create a multiverse
  23. Make a guest post for the PHB
  24. Play around with store items

Well, that’s all for now, but I’ll be sure to update it when needed!  Please tell us what you’d do in this situation, and that’s all for now. ~Smart Flame


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