Poptropica Shorts Ep. 1

Poptropica Shorts Episode 1: Reality TV Surprise

Sneak Peak


“I would like a cherry smoothie please, with a cherry on top.” “Alright I’ll have you’re orders right up.” The waiter said as he picked up the remaining Ordering books. Fierce Flyer and his companions were at the Zomberry Smoothie Shack sharing their daily Pop life and basically what was going on in their home Island. “Just the other day I was framed and put in a jail cell named Pelican Rock.” Trusty Bear said. “That sounds terrible! Did you clear your name?” Lucky Wing asked. “Yeah, I escaped and cleared my name. I also helped catch that booted bandit! Also I got extra credits.” Trusty Bear responded as he laid back in his chair. “Sounds Interesting, I guess,” Silver Raptor pipped in, “You know what is interesting though? Being on a reality TV show!” Silver Raptor finished as he stared at the TV near the entrance. “I’m pretty sure all of us already been on a reality TV show before.” Everyone agreed quietly to Cuddly Knuckle’s response as they murmured the words, “yeah” and “pretty much”. “Well I haven’t. And I’m going to enter and win!” “No you aren’t.” Silver Raptor was interrupted by a nearby voice on the other table. “Says who?” Silver Raptor challenged as he whipped his head towards the bystander. “Ned, Ned Noodlehead.”

Hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak of the upcoming Poptropica Shorts! That’s right, I did not forget, just been caught up a bit. Alright I’ll see you guys next time on TPC Fierce out!

-Fierce Flyer


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