Art Contest!

Hey everyone! Smart Flame here, and today we announce an Art Contest! Well, the community has some real art talent, and we want to showcase that on this blog!  What will happen, is there will be a theme (Said later in the post).  You guys will create the art for it.  I want to see some really fantastic and creative pieces I’ve seen you do!  Here a TPC we want to give our loyal readers something to do for this blog!  The winner’s art work will be posted on the blog for 2 months!  You could also make a guest post if you wanted to!  The theme will be Poptropican Villains.  Now this could be anything from a design change from a classic villain, a new villain, or just the good old original version!  Entries must be submitted by February 28th at 11:59 PM EST, or 8:59 PT, or 9:59 MT, or 10:59 CT.  Use a time converter if you life somewhere else.  Authors can enter, and be sure to turn it in before the deadline!  Spread the word so many people will enter!  That’s all for this post, so goodbye! ~Smart Flame


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