Read Between The Lines: This Picture


This is one of the most controversial photos Poptropica ever published.  I think because it might show the Poptropica Worlds “islands” that will be made or re-made.  First, the most notable thing we can see is Dr. Hare, and in a blog post the creators mentioned that he will return!  Next, we can see Oliver from the Mystery Of The Map comic book series created by Poptropica.  Maybe, they can re-make the MOTP island to make it better!  Next to Dr. Hare is a pelican.  This makes me wonder if EFPR will be re-made!  Now we get into tougher, and more in-depth thoughts. First let’s talk about the castle.  I immediately thought Astro-Knights until you zoom in.  The princess is not the one in Astro-Knights Island The castle color scheme is different, and the knight has nothing to do with the island.  So, it might be a Sleeping Beauty twist on Astro-Knights, or a new world overall!  Now let’s move to the mountain.  Again I immediately thought survival.  But, when you zoom in, by the cave, two red eyes are visible.  This is a concept not yet already developed in the original Survival Island.  This sparks the question though, Is this Myron Van Buren’s secret, but deadly pet?  Who knows, but that’s off topic.  Next, the ferris wheel kind of reminded me of Monster Carnival.  The only thing was that it was too playful for Monster Carnival.  To me, this could be a weekly/monthly fair that goes on in Poptropica.  Finally is the Skull island, which vividly resembles the exact one on Skullduggery.  Other things to note include, the coins, the shovel, the girl poptropican and the blimp that doesn’t read Poptropica.  These could all spark more theories that I’ll post tomorrow! ~Smart Flame


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