My dream islands!

As amazing as the Poptropica islands are, there are always wish islands we all have!  There are 4 islands that I’d love to see made.

Island 1: Harry Potter Island
Although I’m unsure of this islands plot, I LOVE Harry Potter so how abut all of the Harry Potter fans of Poptropica start a chant that is “We need Harry Potter island!”

Island 2: Dream Island
Again, the plot of this island is unclear, because it could go many ways.  If it were to be an island I’d imagine it to be like Inside Out; abstract, silly, and fun.  This would be nice to create a new island that doesn’t have such a morose and dark island.

Island 3: Lego Island
As a big fan of Lego, I would love an island dedicated to it.  A crossover between both franchises would be cool and the plot could be interesting.  As awesome as this island could be, Poptropica creators would have to nail this island.  It would be hard to make the movement of the Lego characters feel natural, and still have a Poptropica feel.  I think t’d be a fun challenge for them, and an even greater island for us!

Island 4: Architecture Island
Now this island appeals to me especially, since I plan to double major in Civil engineering and Architecture to fulfill a lifelong goal of designing homes and buildings.  This island could be designing stuff, and i don’t know how it would work, but it’d still be cool.

That’s all for this post, and stay tuned for upcoming posts.  Also the PHB is no having Community Creations, where you create a piece of art, a story, a poem, a song, or anything else you can imagine to represent, create, or describe what you think and feel on a certain topic!  In the comments below, tell us what you’re favorite islands are, and what you plan to do with the contest! ~Smart Flame


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