Time To Scream With Joy!!!!!!!!!!

So I realized that this blog hit 1,000 HITS!!!!! I’m in eternal disbelief.   First I want to Thank everyone who reads this blog!  Without you guys,  we’d be nowhere!  Thanks for constantly liking and commenting!  Special shout-out to LW who is constantly liking and commenting on every post!  Next to PC, who always is their to read every post!  Finally to TM for also commenting a lot!  Once again I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, and it’s through you guys that The Poptropican’s Corner keeps going on!  Also a big thanks to all the authors here who’ve helped create this blog from 100 hits to 1,000 hits.  Another thanks to PC and OS for helping create this blog and for the early design of it!  There is not enough words to describe how amazing you guys are!  Now I need to ask a question, Should The Poptropicans Corner be in the PBN?  I would’ve answered myself but I can’t decide.  Once again Thank you SO much, and I can’t wait to see this blogs next big steps!


7 thoughts on “Time To Scream With Joy!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaand seconds after it’s posted! *Reads post* Aw, thanks man! And go to the PBN! I’m in it and i don’t do anything! (I don’t think i need to but i’m not sure… maybe i’m in trouble… Go for it though!)


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