Question Time!

So today I was thinking for a post, and thinking, and thinking some more. Then, randomnely, I thought, How were Poptropicans created, and When did Poptropicans first exist? So I’ve come to this conclusion,  billions of Poptropica years ago, wild potatoes roamed Poptropica.  Then magical space cows came, and mutated the potatoes into Poptropicans.  But then I also thought this.  I believe millions of years ago when Spookfish and Cows roamed Poptropica, the cows got annoyed with the Spookfishes.  So they genetically mutated them to look like Poptropicans.  The the new species took over Poptropica, while the cows awaited their reign again.  But now let’s look at the similarities between us and the Spookfish.


It has huge eyes.  We have huge eyes.  It doesn’t have a defined neck.  We don’t have a defined neck.  Overall the similarities are striking! But now for theory 2.

Theory 2 is that same situation, except, instead of Spookfish, it was Frogs.  Yes I said Frogs.  This particular theory came into my head, when my friend looked at my poptropican and said it looked like a frog.  At first I thought he went over the deep end.  That was until closer consideration for his point.  Here is a frog to study.


The eyes definetely match, and the hands, squashed together, could work.  It has no defined neck, as does our poptropican. So they are kind of similar.  I think the theory to give more bcredibility to is the frog.  The eyes match up perfectly, and it has a larger chance in my opinion.  As for when they were created, my guess would be 60-70 million years ago.

Thanks for readng, and if you have any suggestions for posts, feel free to suggest in the comments! ~Smart Flame


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