New Poptropica update!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG! Sorry…… I just can’t imagine that New Pop will be released SPRING!  Well time to party *Awkwardly dances in chair* What am I doing with my life?  Well anyways I’m actually kind of nervous.  So maybe on another site you might be able to watch the video because I currently don’t know the link.  As TC said in a blog post, the animation and characters were kind of lifeless.  They had no direct motion, instead it was stop go.  The hands were a little creepy, but the attention to detail was better.  I think the animation will be better, as a opposed to the preview video we got.  Now Skinny Moon gave us some things to look forward to or expect in Poptropica Worlds.

New, exciting Worlds to explore!

Do we have worlds instead of islands?  Are they different planets? How many are there? This leaves us to say that when more sneak peeks come out we will be able to decipher what worlds really are. Because now we have nothing to base our opinions on.

Favorites from the original Poptropica, remastered for Poptropica Worlds!

This starts the question, is Poptropica Worlds going to be  Poptropica with more features, or more of a original game?  I really hope that it is more of its own game, because it has been talked about for so long, I want it to be different.

One account for everything Poptropica!

Um……..  Don’t we already have that?

Your very own customizable home!

This gets me nervous and excited.  On one hand, I feel like it’ll fun and cool to have.  On the other I feel like Poptropica is becoming to much like a virtual reality game.

More Costumes!

I like costumes, and the low amount of stock is painful, but is Poptropica going to become more of a character status based game?  They are adding many status features.

Daily games and awesome prizes!

Well this is cool, and I’m excited to see the games

I have a theory that Poptropica is becoming an avatar based game, like so many other games.  Although you always played as the same character, you never really had an avatar, merely stats, costumes and a name.  BTW, sorry for not doing the theories today, I just felt that this was more important.  Well that wraps up this post, so until next, Bye! ~Smart Flame



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