Top ten of the month!


So today, I knew I needed to make a post, and I just thought to do a top ten greatest poptropica blogs.  Also I’ll leave a link to each blog.  So without further talking let’s get to the list!  (Note: This is an opinion and not to be taken as a fact.  If you disagree tell me in the comments, but please be polite.)


10. A Quota Of Poptropica!  https://aquotaofpop.wordpress.com This blog was created by Happy Lobster, and is very creative.  It is a really good blog!

9. Poptropica Skunk Blog! https://poptropicaskunkblog.wordpress.com  The Poptropica Skunk Blog was created by Shaky Skunk. It is a really fun blog, and I like how they always take polls from the community.  It is great blog!

8. People of Poptropica! https://peopleofpoptropicablog.wordpress.com   This blog was made by Zany Panda, White Ice, Lucky Joker, and some guys name I can’t remember.  It is a fun blog that went dead for about 2 months, until White Ice decided to revive it.  Ever since then it has been popping with activity!

7. Brainy Pop Blog!  https://brainypopblog.wordpress.com    This is an amazing blog created by Cuddly Brain or more commonly known as G-Hopper.  It is fun, creative and really original!

6. Fierce Flyer Adventures!  https://fierceflyerblog.wordpress.com  This blog was created by Fierce Flyer, who is a fellow author here at TPC.  His blog has some of my favorite art and fan fictions of all time!

5. The Creators Blog! blog.poptropica.com  The creators blog is the place where we get ideas for posts and news about New Poptropica.  It is fun to read their posts and although it is not to active it is fun to see all the behind the scenes stuff.

4.  Tall Cactus’s Poptropica Blog! https://tallcactuspoptropicablog.wordpress.com  This is the most original blog I know! It always has something unexpected or new that is totally awesome!

3. The PHB!  https://poptropicahelp.net  As the biggest Poptropica blog ever, the impact that blog has had on the community is enormous.  They practically started the community!  Without this blog, few blogs would exist like this one, and there’d be no community.

2. Clawtropica!  https://clawtropica.wordpress.com  This is one of my favorite blogs ever.  They give you any Poptropica news in a fun awesome way!  I really love this blog, and I try to make my posts as good as PC does.

1. Luck Wing’s Blog O’fun! https://luckywingsblogofun.wordpress.com This is an awesome blog that is really active, fun to read and I love to read her posts so much! It’s really funny and her fan fics and posts are so creative and original!  I’d also recommend checking out her other blog ( https://luckilybizzare.wordpress.com )  Although it’s not about Poptropica, it has many memes, and it’s really fun to read!

Thank you all for reading!  But before I go I’m going to give you a hint for each of the two theories coming out tomorrow,  Have you noticed how the creators have been commenting and liking posts a lot more than usual?  What island or land are you from?  Well that’s all I have for you tonight, so see you later!  ~Smart Flame



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