Read Between The Lines: Poptropicans are Potatoes!


It’s time for Read Between the lines and I couldn’t think of any theories, so I went to discord.  As a joke PC said to do a theory on how poptropicans were potatoes.  I decided that it would be fun to write hence forth the theory for today.  So we must ask the question,  Are our poptropicans potatoes?  Well lets pull up a picture of a poptropican so we can study it.


Well the oval shape of the body clearly represents a potato,  but it has hair, and most potatoes don’t and shouldn’t have hair.  Not to mention it’s wearing clothes! But I have another theory.  Time for a theory… The reason for me linking this post is because Friendly Foot (An Author) went over a theory that said poptropcians might be pets or science expierements of other, bigger beings.  So from here we have to ask,  Are poptropicans really just potatoes that were expieremented on?  Well honestly the head, body and eyes could all be potatoes stuck together with the rest of the stuff added by the scientist who stuck the potatoes together.  So we conclude that yes your poptropicans are part potato and part whatever he scientist used to create your clothes, hair, feet, legs, arms, hands, and any other accesories.  Thanks for reading!  Also great news!  Our blog hit 900 hits!  Thank you so much!


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