Read Between The Lines: Your Poptropicans Age


First, thanks to Purple Claw for the awesome new image!  So your poptropicans age has been an unsolved question for awhile now, and I want try and solve it.  First we need to ask the question, Are our poptropicans immortal?  I mean they are never hurt, never have any sickness, and show no signs of aging.  But there are some loop holes. First one is Joe Stockman.  Although our personal poptropicans weren’t ever sick, Joe came down with a deadly disease.  Also in Arabian Nights, we have a death.  It is when the captive person was disintegrated.  Finally in Time Travel island, we see our character as an old man/woman.  So we aren’t immortal after all :/.  My final theory comes down to this.  Although we do many things, time never occurs without a time machine.  So when traveling in time on Time Travel, we made the clock tick.  If someone is time traveling, time is moving, if no one is time traveling, events still happen, but the clock remains of its exact position when it stopped.   So I’m saying time traveling makes everyone older, without it, we’d stay the same age and never die.  So basically our age depends on how much people time travel.  So if my theory is true, no one know your poptropicans age.  And if I may be the first to start chanting, I will!  “No More Time Traveling!”  “No More Time Traveling!”   Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the top ten of the month tomorrow!  Be sure like and comment, and stay popping poptropicans!  ~Smart Flame


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