Get Ready Poptropicans…

Hiya Poptropicans! Friendly Foot here, and today I’m going to talk about a recent post on the Creators Blog that’s been stirring up some questions…

First of all, if you haven’t noticed it yet, this is what it says.

Hooray! It’s that awesome time of year where we all get a little time off from school and work to celebrate the season with family and friends. All the Poptropica Creators hope you have a very merry weekend and restful break from school!

Here at Poptropica we’re not taking TOO much of a break, though. Next week we’re going to have some very interesting stuff to talk about on the blog… so stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!

(Yes I just copy-pasted it XD )

So, this post was written on the 23rd of December, 5 days ago. If we can count on the Poptropica Creators to be timely, then we should see some new info on this in a couple days! Now, going on to more of the post you can see that it was written by two creators.
avatar image

avatar image

(That was copy-pasted as well…)

Now, I don’t think this has ever happened, or if it has, then it would have been a LOOONG time ago! Maybe, this is hinting that both Creators had a huge part in whatever they are planning. But what are they planning? Maybe it’s more information on the topic we’ve all wanted to know more about… New Pop! Maybe it’s another survey! Maybe there’ll be a huge update!  Maybe, it’s something SO unexpected that even can’t think of something! Haha! But maybe your imagination is better than mine. What do you (yes YOU) think? Tell me in the comments! See you later Poptropicans!

-Friendly Foot 


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