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Villain Backstories!

Hi guys, its Smart Flame.  I’m am giving a backstory to every villain of Poptropica on how they became evil.  Note:  I will not be doing Ringmaster Raven, Binary Bard, The Magistrate, or Holmes because their backstories have been introduced in their islands already.  Also not all islands has villains.


Myron Van Buren:  Myron wanted to be the greatest hunter alive.  He needed to to top his ancestors accomplishments by finding a new, and bigger hunt: poptropicans.  He never lost a chance to get a big hunt, until you.

Black Widow:  She was the creative culprit, the elegant embezzler, the stylish stealer.  When she was a child she ruined things.  She was messy and disgusting.  When her parents told her to be neat, she rebelled.  She used what she considered an artistic ability to vandalize some of the worlds greatest art pieces.

Dr. Hare: Mad scientist, Dr. Harvey Hare, loved experimenting, especially on carrots.  With a carrot farm just a mile away from him, his experiments never lacked any important ingredient.  Until, he started buying the whole harvest of carrots.  But the farmers started limiting his supply shipment.  So the scientist put on a rabbit costume and starting stealing the carrots and became known as Dr. Hare.

Captain Crawfish: When James and Samuel Ridley were boys, there father was the leader of their island.  When their father died, one of them had to assume Governor, so, James, being the oldest, assumed head governor.  Sam was angered by his brothers decision, left home, and headed to the seven seas. He become a ruthless pirate known as Captain Crawfish.  The one place he knew there was treasure, enough for him to automatically assume head governor position, was Skullduggery island, which was where he set his sails to.

Octavian: Octavian was once a poor child captured by the knights on Mystery of The Map island, until he was offered freedom if he double crossed his friends. His freedom was granted, but he still worked for the knights double crossing everyone worth more than a dime.

Director D: David D. Denali was an unpopular citizen who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  After his daily job, he was walking home from work and was kidnapped by some B.A.D. agents.  They convinced him to become their commercial leader (the leader everyone would see) because he wanted fame.  But soon he realized that he was stuck their and he’d be tortured if he left, which was why he carried out so many dastardly plans.

Omegon/Tessa Turncoat:  Omegon was the son of a powerful leader.  His father wanted his son to realize that the great power he’d have one day would become a responsibility.  But when his father saw the greed in Omegon’s eyes, he banished him from the planet.  Out of anger he disobeyed his fathers greatest rule, responsibility.  Tessa Turncoat was a classic fan girl who fell in love with Omegon.  After vowing her life to his, he messed up her mind and tortured her into doing what she did.

Shogun: The evil shogun and Basho were brothers.  When Basho did exceedingly well in karate and impressed their father a lot, the future Shogun was furious.  He felt the only way to impress his father was to create an empire in which everyone lived in fear.

Count Bram: In the early 1800’s, Bram Witheren fell in love with a fair maiden.  But soon he was attacked by the vampires curse, which ended all love he could ever have. He locked himself in a castle waiting for the day of his maidens return, and as every day passed the angrier he got.

Red Baroness: Jenna Earhart, sister of Amelia Earhart, never lived up to her sisters fame.  When the big race came around, she knew it was her chance to ruin her sisters fame and claim it for herself.

40 Thieves: The 39 poor people of the kingdom had gotten a new leader: Scheherazade.  She was a good speaker that got everyone interested.  She turned the beggars into thieves to create a dynasty.  Their legacy was unstoppable, until you.

Frenchie: The french reporter, known as Frenchie, was amazed at the Paris World Fair.  When the Chicago World Fair was announced, she was furious.  She knew the only way to have the French’s Fair be better,  was to sabotage the Chicago World Fair.

El Mustachio: He was the marshal who was kicked off the job because of violence towards the citizens.  He was angered because he thought he was fired unfairly.  He got on his horse, took off, and formed a gang greater than any other.  He had to get revenge and Diamond Plains.

Gretchen Grimlock: She was the daughter of an eccentric billionaire.  After her father died, she got none of the money, it only went to Mews.  She would’ve done anything for the money.  After she heard of the million dollar reward, she knew that it had to be hers.

Copy Cat: Copy Cat was a Pop-Tube (poptropica you-tube) singer, who wasn’t popular at all.  She wanted to be a big-time singer, and the only way to get popularity, was to steal popular songs and call it her own.

Speedy Spike: Speedy Spike was used to driving on a highway where the speed limit was 120 miles per hour.  When he drove on regular highways he went way to fast, and when the police fined him for it, he just kept doing it.

Sir Rebral: Sir Rebral,stole peoples identities by playing mind games on them to confuse them.  When the cops figured out what he was doing, the tried to stop him, but he played mind tricks to trick the cops.  Unfortunately for him, one cop wasn’t fooled.

Ratman: After Ratman robbed a store, he was caught by the police.  To cover for his crimes he blamed his friends to get out his situation.  This trick played on until one cop caught onto his trick.

Crusher: When he and his friends visited the natural museum of endangered animals, they visited the bug section.  He was bored, so he decided to smash some of the bugs.  But the bugs he crushed were the last of their kind, so he was arrested.

Betty Jetty: After flight school, Betty Jetty failed her final exam which would’ve gotten her her flying license.  But when she had no job she printed out a fake one, and got a job.  But when they saw how she flew the plane, they knew she was a fraud.

Mr. Silva: With Cj as his student, he was always jealous of her inventions.  He was so envious, that he wanted to have it.  He thought that he had to steal it.

Poptropica Advisors (Mocktropica):  After having their jobs denied as Poptropica animators, they had to break Poptropica. So they got jobs as the different advisors and tried to ruin the fun Poptropica experience.

Zeus: Zeus was an ignorant boy.  He always thought he was the best of his brothers.  But when his father split the power over Mythology island equally between them, he was mad.  He wanted all the power he could get, and would try and get it in any way possible.

Booted  Bandit: Your Poptropican and the Booted Bandit were twins.  But you were 2 minutes older than they were.  Your mother always favored you because you were the oldest.  This made your sibling angry, and they decided to run away from home.  When they had no money, they decided to start stealing money.

Construction Workers (Twisted Thicket): The head construction worker once ventured too far into the forest with his daughter.  When they entered the Nokken territory, it took his daughter away from him.  He was so deeply mad and sad that he had forever held a deadly grudge against the forest.

Thank you all for reading, and be sure to comment on what you think turned the poptropicans nasty.  (The featured image is to just wish a happy holiday!) Happy Holidays and have a very Merry Christmas! -Smart Flame





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