New Poptropica

Today we talk about New Poptropica.  First, I wish it would come out already!  Also, I wish Poptropica was a little (lot) less vague in their descriptions.  I also want more sneak peeks!  Also sorry for a lack of posts from me, I’ve been pretty busy.

Art and Animation

First off, I’m starting to divide my posts into paragraphs now.  With how much the community has talked about how different the art will be, I am excited to see what  Poptropica does.  One theory made by Brave Tomato is that maybe the new art would be the style of art they used on the poptropicans there.  In this case, I’m really excited.  The art here was so cool, detailed and well-drawn.  But there is always the possibility that the art gets worse, or even ends the basic design of the classic poptropican.  I would like to maybe see a new type of art, and I’m definitely open to it, but hopefully they will keep the whimsical and fun design we all love.  I would like to see more detail in the back rounds of all the islands, because that keeps me and several other people interested in the game.  Overall, I’m interested in something new, but I don’t want anything too different.

Story and Plot Lines

Poptropica is already doing a great job for this.  I would like to see more whimsical plot lines from them, because recently they’ve had too serious plot lines.  I mean I don’t want it too crazy, but a mix of whimsy and seriousness.  They farther serious plot lines you have, you lose your younger players.  The too whimsy you go you lose your older players.  If they find a good balance, they’ll be able to appeal to everyone.

New Website

This doesn’t bother me too much, as long as everyone island is transferred onto it.  Without this, my liking for the game will severely drop.  The classic islands is what everyone originally played, so taking them away would anger the community.  I also hope that the whole Unity deal isn’t as bad as it seems.  I hope that the new website won’t interfere with anything that is truly original to Poptropica.


I hope for multiplayer islands so we can help everyone out.  I also want some more chattng options.  For those who don’t know about discord, or who can’t join it could feel disconnected from the community without better chat options like I did before the community.  I wish you could also have transferable credits, and if so I’m always open! Finally I’d like to see better navigation in the store.  They way you are set up now makes it nearly impossible for someone to find old store items, or any store items


There are so many theories that it would be impossible to go through them all.  One theory that is pretty popular that we’ve even posted about ( Read Between The Lines: Target Age  Group )  is the target age group of Poptropica.  One theory I disagree with is that Poptropica and the community is dying.  I think the old Poptropica community is dying and forming into a new one.  If you are looking for more theories check out TCPB ( https://tallcactuspoptropicablog.wordpress.com )  Where TC has posted many convincing theories.

Well that’s all for now, and thanks for 15 followers!! You are so amazing!  Be sure to keep playing Poptropica, reading our posts and staying awesome! -Smart Flame


2 thoughts on “New Poptropica

  1. Here is my opinions on this. The new website thing I did not really like heres why. its like making a new website or app everytime you update a something you know. Also I remember back when new poptropica was told to us and for me I was reallly happy that a huge update is coming. I was hoping for like a big update stuff inclues: more store items, a new multiplayer game:new items and biomes in realms:and lots of new features like multiplayer in realms,and shoes as a new wearable. But nope they said like really really new Poptropica and made a new website which bummed me because I just wanted it all to be in one website and having two poptropica websites no just no. Also having unity will make google chorme users stop playing poptropica. So yeah poptropica creators yo took things to far with this one


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