Hi there! I won’t be giving my personal information away, although I can tell you my poptropican username is kaziz3499, feel free to add me! I am a writer on smartpoptropica and I can’t wait to bring you weekly SCOOP(Super Cool Outfit(s) On Poptropica). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to email me, at SCOOPonSmartPop@gmail.com.
Much More About Me- I’m a car lover. Can’t wait to get my permit :p I enjoy coding and spending my time on Khan Academy studying for various exams and such, I’m not that great with graphics however.  >.< Oh, and ifunny and 4 chan are lit, it’s great. So is xyzzzy, you should try it! I love memes o.o I also really like math and Rubik’s Cubes, I love solving all the different kinds! 😀 Also, sWooZie is life, if you don’t know him shame -.-I really like watching soccer as there are three players I absolutely love! (Not Christiano Ronaldo) They’re all number 10 on different teams! The first one is Neymar, he plays for Brazil. The next one is the famous Lionel Messi who plays for Argentina. And the last one (My favorite) is James Rodriguez, who plays for Colombia, they are all such great guys ^-^ (: I’m also glad to talk or if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up with a pm! I play the flute and I love music About my article- In my article, SCOOP, I will have one or more outfits that I think should be on this website, I will not only provide a picture, but also, I will let you know how to get such items, I look forward to next week’s first SCOOP! Bai~

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