Poptropica Stories!


Poptropica Stories! Double Post! IOTM’s and reviews! And Poptropica Stories!  These are links to the past Poptropica Stories so read those before this one!

Ella’s leather boots kicked canyon dust as she walked closer to us. “Now what should I do first, chinese water torture or peel every toenail of your tiny feet off?”  POW!  “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!” I screamed SO loud.  Ella dropped to the ground, unconcious. Me and Super Hero jumped at the sight of a man standing in front of us, a shovel in his hand. “Who are you? What are you doing here?!”  Super Hero always had such a strong force in her name!  Not to mention how pretty she was.  “I was Ella’s pet human.  She tortured me, but never killed me. Can I stay with you?”  “Sure” I replied as fast as possible.  That was when I saw the face peering down the canyon wall.

Sorry for my post drought!  We have an author spot available so be sure to apply!  Please E-Mail me at poptropcan@gmail.com or PM me on discord!  Also, I know that there was no Read Between The Lines last week, this was because a special, and long one will come out this week!  ~Smart Flame 🙂


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