Art Contest Winner and Read Between The Lines: New Pop’s Release Date

First for our art contest winner the winner is Tall Cactus!


It was just awesomely drawn, and it looks great.  In second was Purple Claw, and third was Short Dolphin.   Thank you to everyone who participated, and congrats to TC!

Now a theory that has been going around is that New Pop is going to be released later than the Poptropica Creators expected.  Tall Cactus created this theory, and I’m here to give you evidence to support it.  First, why would they have a Poptropica costume contest if a whole new website was about to come out?  I mean, Poptropica said it would come out at latest in the end of December.  If this were true they wouldn’t just have a costume contest.  Also, don’t you think that by now we would have had some sneak peeks, because this is an important update and I think they would want to have some sneak peeks released to keep the players interest.  I think the costume contest was just something to distract players from wondering where New Poptropica is.  It makes me wonder also, where is New Pop?  I mean even with speculation that it would come out a little later, don’t you think it would come within 1-2 months into the new year?  It makes me worry that they are behind schedule to the point where don’t get any sneak peeks.  I am also afraid that New Pop might have been, or will be canceled.  If so, I’d be pretty mad, because we’ve been waiting for New Pop for forever!  I have another theory.  What if they’re keeping it all a secret and they plan to release it on Christmas as a present?  That would be pretty awesome, but I don’t know if it would be possible.  I really want to see New Pop, and I don’t want it to be canceled, but I think that might also be a possibility if by the end of February it hasn’t come out.  Tell me what you think of this theory, whenyou think New Pop will come out, and what you think and want New Pop will be like.  ~Smart Flame


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